Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary-- 4 years

Four years.  
Four really incredible years.  We had the most beautiful Seattle wedding, then started our marriage traveling together.  Just our way. Now, 4 years later, we've visited 14 countries together, taken some really amazing weekend trips, had the most beautiful baby we could dream of, bought a car and sold two, lived in Costa Rica, moved to New York City, started graduate school, and launched an etsy business!  

We were just saying today how thrilled we are that this is only the beginning of our adventure together!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


1.  I got a key duplicated at a sketch, local place yesterday.  I brought it home and the key didn't fit.  So I went back in today to get it remade.  The hooded guy who helped me yesterday was there with a man in a blue puffy coat.  I had seen him walk in at least a minute before me.  But when they saw me entering, blue coat man shuffled some things back into his bag and acting like he'd JUST walked in saying "Oh, so you're closing at 6 today, good to know..."  Nice try, buddy.  I know a drug deal when I see one.  (This isn't the unbelievable part, in case you're wondering.)

The employee made a big deal about how he was going to give the new, working key to me for free, but that I better not tell his boss.  Of course he gave it to me for free- the first one didn't work!!  He was just making it right!  But I let him feel good about his generosity since my outcome was the same regardless.  Anyway, we chat for a few minutes while he's cutting the new key, and on my way out I say "Well, you have been very helpful, but hopefully I won't see you again tomorrow!"  (Alluding the fact that I want this key to work so I don't have to come into that dank, sketchy place again.)  His reply was "Oh, well you feel free to come by just for a visit anytime at all!  ........   I'll even pay you for the pleasure."  Unbelievable.

2. I do my big shopping trips to Trader Joe's on 72nd these days.  There is an elevator there, so my only concern is getting my baby and my food up the stairs at our stop.  People have been less eager to help me this last few months than when we first came to NYC (probably because I look less pathetic, generally) and so I asked a few people to help me up.  Two people refused me, and then this tired looking lady who was already carrying about 5 heavy-looking bags offered to help.  She rearranged her own items so she could lift the front of the stroller for me.  Pretty unbelievable!

3.  It was a very cold day and we'd been waiting at the 96th street station for at least 5 min for the next express train.  People around me surely noticed that T was restless, asking for snacks, kicking her blanket off, throwing Lambie out... the whole bit.  When the train finally came, I saw through the window that there was an empty seat by the aisle- the best place because it's more convenient to put the stroller beside me there.  I was first in line at the doors, ready to move in once everyone was finished coming out. Then out of nowhere, this lady who had watched me struggling with T swooped passed me and plopped into the only open seat.  She seriously shouldered me out of the way to get to the seat first, then had the nerve to look up at me as to say "Tough love."  Unbelievable.  People around literally dropped their jaws as they saw this unfold.

There are TONS of unbelievable things that happen every week.  Some good, some bad, some funny.  Every time I leave my apartment I wonder what the day will hold for me.  :)  Hopefully I'll stick to my plan of posting a few unbelievable things at a time every few weeks!