Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting Going...

Check it out:
I just finished this dress which I found on LOVE that website!
This dress was for my cute niece Autumn in Ohio! I can't wait to see pictures of her in it!!!

This was much easier to make than the dress I made for our cruise last summer. That was a nightmare.

Lesson learned: Don't follow a pattern, follow your heart (While employing good technique, of course) :)
The velcro back is maybe my favorite feature.

Scott's favorite thing to do lately is give the baby girl zerberts to get her riled up, and then try to feel her kick. Not much luck just yet.

BTW, I got two cavities. Not one in 22 years, and now two! I blame it on a combination of pregnancy and Utah water. Oh, and the grooves in my teeth. Anyway, I got them filled yesterday. I was terrified, but it was actually quite an easy experience. I still love the dentist. And I definitely still love sewing!

Stay tuned for birthday party pictures!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving meal was delicious! SueAnn and I woke up and just reveled in the idea that we weren't cooking anything. We brought a green salad, but other than that, Wendy and the fam made the meal. And it was delicious :)
SueAnn had a few fun songs and reader's theater type activities for us to do after the meal. Gotta love those- so funny!
Later, Tiffany was so sweet to give me a pedicure while I ate the most delicious peach pie. This pie is the best around!
My belly has really grown this week. This is only 5 days after the last photo I posted. Crazy, right? I hope it's not peach pie, and is really the baby... I'm really trying to be good!

Since we'll be with the Tanner fam for Christmas, we did Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and then Christmas on Saturday! We love Aebliskever- glad the Hathaway's love it too!
Maybe the biggest news of the weekend: Scott FINISHED the entertainment stand! He's been working really hard on this and I'm so thrilled with how it turned out! Our TV is eye level from the couch now, and the space is much more organized and stylish! Good job Scott!

We found ourselves at Sundance where the Californians were a little out of their element...

Scott deemed John well overdue for a haircut. John's hair has grown in thick and curly since cancer. So they went at it for a good hour and I think it turned out great and his mustache is much more "in control."

We were out of the house ~5:30 am and hit some good Black Friday sales. John got some tools he was excited about and we got a crib mattress! This is our 10am break for breakfast at Guru's in Provo. If you like biscuits and gravy, go for the Cowboy Benny- Scott's fav!
Thanks John and SueAnn for driving out- we had a great time with you!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lighting Riverwoods

Riverwoods made a big deal about their lights this year. It was really fun to go see all the ice carvings, lights (of course) and eat a free cookie :) We even got to stop in and see 2 cousins who work at Riverwoods! So fun!

We were glad for an excuse to share a pizza at Malawis too!

But the best part was deifinitely hearing Jon Schmidt in concert! He even played Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer upside down, backwards and with his toes. I hope I get tickets to his Christmas concert in SLC for my birthday.. (hint hint!) Jon Schmidt is really awesome!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

16 weeks

Well, I finally got around to taking some prego photos.  The bump looks smaller than it feels...  
BIG thanks to Scott for coming with me to find this field and take a few pics.  

Friday, November 18, 2011

!!!THE NEWS!!!

On Tuesday night, I had a very vivid dream. I will spare you the details, but the bottom line is that it was a BOY! With very red hair. He looked exactly like Scott, but in baby form. He even had enough hair to use Paul Mitchell shaping cream and do the side spike just like Scott :)

Then on Wednesday at work, I picked up a starburst from a co-workers desk. It was the fun size- the kind with 2 starbursts inside. Well when I got back to my desk and finished my current project, I treated myself to the starburst. And guess what? I opened it up and what did I find? 2 PINKS! I was sure it was an omen.

Which of these omens was right?

Trust the Starburst!

Sometimes they tell you it's a girl and then a month later it is suddenly a boy- so I asked the ultrasound tech how sure she was.... She said she was 99.99% sure it is a girl! The baby was moving around a bunch (Due to my OJ drinking fest that afternoon) and all 3 of us were very confident it's a girl!

Let's just say I am going to get REALLY good at sewing ruffles and working with lace :) I am pleased as punch!

That being said, my mom had some really sound advice she gave me over the phone before the appointment. She reminded me that this baby is not a doll for me to dress up and decorate, but a special gift from Heavenly Father who is being given to Scott and me to teach, inspire, encourage and love. I sure get excited about the fun projects in my future, but more than anything, I feel so blessed to be given such an incredible gift and responsibility. Wow.

The last fun tidbit from the ultrasound: When the ultrasound machine first went on my belly, our baby girl was moving her left arm up and down. Scott was so proud "The baby is waving at me!" Scott is very excited for her to come out and play :) He makes sure that I eat healthy and don't make my showers too hot- "we can't have her coming out as scrambled eggs!"

We don't know what to do about names... any ideas?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Boy or Girl?

You guys,

The time is upon us!

We are finding out on Wednesday night!!!

It is ALL I can think about.


I really need to start taking more consistent belly pics.

Up until about last week, all the photos looked the same...

But now that I've sorted through all my loosest fitting shirts

and gotten fabric to make some belly bands,

I'm thinking it's time to take/post a photo.

Anyway, go ahead and cast your vote,

because assuming all goes well on the ultrasound,

we'll know the gender in just 2 days!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

"Steak on legs" as Scott calls it :)

Our family photo with Vaughn. So precious. Scott (obviously) wasn't super comfortable with the idea of posing with Vaughn as if he were our own, but I thought is was a great idea :)

See that green pumpkin in Dane's hands? We bought it, cut it in half, and each of us made a pumpkin pie from scratch! It was delish. Very dense and a definite difference from the store bought pumpkin puree. I don't know that it's worth the hassle to cut, bake, scrape, blend every time, but definitely a fun novelty!
Thanks Dane and Korine for cluing us in to the Payson Days Harvest Festival. Fun fall activity!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Greed, Gratitude and Giving

I have this awesome friend named Marcie. She is a really talented writer. Her blog posts are consistently thought provoking, reality exposing, and they inspire me to change. I'm afraid to tell you too much about yesterday's post "Isn't That The Point" because she does such a great job writing it herself. Here is an excerpt from yesterdays post that got me excited about the upcoming holidays:

One of the reasons I love the holiday season is because it is a synopsis of the human process. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas come with the respective reminders of greed, gratitude, and giving. In three short months we learn valuable lessons in getting all you can, being happy with what you got, and gifting to those who don't got what you got.

You won't regret visiting her blog here so you too can have a few laughs, and feel motivated to start giving today, instead of waiting for Christmas Eve. Happy November!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mom and Dad Come to Town

My parents came over a few weeks ago. They were here for Scott's birthday dinner which was a real treat! It was so fun to tell them about the baby in person too!

Costco's best steak, pretty much cooked to perfection. Way to go Scott!

And clearly, my dad is now training his third son-in-law how to relax after a good meal. Thanks for coming mom and dad!

More about Halloween soon!