Monday, August 30, 2010

James and Jessica Dayton

I had such a fun time shooting my friend Jess and her new husband James’ wedding! I was so impressed with how calm and relaxed Jessica and her mom were on the wedding day. They totally went with the flow and just enjoyed every moment. Thank you for letting me be part of your big day!

Yeah, I think he's a little excited :)

There are a few more photos found at:

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer FUN :)

I just realized that I never wrote about our fun day at Seven Peaks! We had about 25 cousins there, just playing all day! It was lucky that Nathan convinced me to do the tallest, straight down scary one first, or I may have never gone for it. But actually, I probably would have. Anyway, it was a lot easier that way. Allie and Emily were so great- fun times ladies!

Also, this strawberry drink was delish. And so easy too! Notice the wide straw (special thanks to mom, our summer drinks get this special feature!)

Enjoy the last bit of summer!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Momma and the Poppa!

Mom and dad are just the greatest.

I know my Mom loves me because she always chats with me as long as I want about whatever I want to talk about. I know my dad loves me because he answers my calls even when he is very, very busy. I'm so grateful that my parents love each other and I hope they know that I LOVE them. Even though we are apart.


Last weekend (I guess 2 weekends ago actually) we went to EDEN. It really was like Eden. Sunny, great friends, great food, great relaxation, great games, great sleepovers, and GREAT wakeboarding/slalom skiing :) unfortunately, we don't have many pics from boating, since others had waterproof cameras we opted to use instead. I'll get them someday :)
Welcome to the KITCHEN cabin:
Scott mastered jumping over the wake on the wakeboard, and I am basically a pro on the slalom ski by now :)
After a day on the lake, we went to EDEN EATS for dinner. Yum :)And then we took some more pictures...JustForFun!

Thanks for having a birthday Angie, and thanks for inviting us to your party :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1 on 1 PAR-TAY

Scott's work had a family BBQ the other week. We intended to stay for 1 hour, but enjoyed 2 hours playing on all the fun blow up toys and courses. They had everything: bouncy toys, kid slides, rock climbing wall, high ropes course, and, the MECHANICAL BULL. By special request from Scott. And, Scott ran a PPC bull ridin' competition- fun times! I think only one person lasted over 8 seconds.
This is Scott's boss Jeff and his wife. We all loved the cotton candy, sno cones and especially the popcorn! And that's in addition to the burgers, chips, drinks and platters and platters of strawberries :) 1 on 1 went ALL OUT. It was fun to hang out with Scott's coworkers and meet their wives. Can't wait until next year's party!

P.S. 1 on 1 Marketing is Scott's company, and PPC stands for Pay Per Click, Scott's department!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lets be honest...

Our blog has been in shambles lately. Seriously. So I took a few minutes tonight and spruced things up. I'm not sure it's really how I like it, but it's good for now. At least things are centered and the colors relatively match. Now for the real post:

I've been doing a few photo shoots lately: Follow this link:

to see more images and follow future posts! Jess and Claire were such beautiful brides! I'm in the process of editing Jess' wedding day photos right now!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who did we choose?

We may or may not have been intrigued by the red lipstick....

But after lots (literally hours and hours) of research regarding insurance rates and service, we chose:


So far, so good. Martha was knowledgeable, informative, funny and realistic. So the saleswoman helped... but the price to coverage value sealed the deal!

...and we learned heaps about insurance during the process...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friend Hopping!

We spent the morning relaxing, baking cupcakes and a pie, and preparing for church. Scott gave a lesson in Priesthood, and I did a little Visiting teaching pitch in Relief Society.

After church, James and Kylie invited us over for lunch! We saw their wedding pics and I remembered how good Rhodes rolls are J

Then we ran off to a nursing home in Orem to meet Vess and Angie. Angie took us through to meet all her friends- she is a recreation leader there. Some old, Hispanic lady in a wheel chair asked Scott (in Spanish) to take her out front. Apparently she wanted a little sun… So Scott gladly rolled her out. As he came back in the front doors, the receptionist asked, “Do you know her?” When Scott answered “no…,” the receptionist quickly went out to get the patient. Turns out she is crazy, and Scott helped her escape!

Rachel and Chris had us over for dinner! We have literally been trying to connect for over 3 months, but it has just never worked out. Aubrianne and Ryan joined us for dinner too, and then we had a killer game of Nertz. It’s so funny that Chris and I were such good friends in Jerusalem, and Scott and Rachel were friends on their study abroad to Spain! We are excited for Chris and Rachel to get married in October!

Next, we stopped by Dane and Korine’s just to chat. Korine was babysitting Adam, a boy she used to nanny in California, so it was fun to see him again.

Today is a day I like to call, “Friend hopping.” But tomorrow, back to work.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wednesday night we got to babysit Jacob for Noelle. He was supposed to go to bed at 7:30pm.

Well, we had a fight and guess who won?


We put him to bed in a makeshift crib. He escaped. We read books and sang songs. He thought my face was a toy. We chased him around to tire him out. He cried and rubbed his eyes. But, he just loved us too much to waste any time sleeping :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cruisin' Alaska!

We're BACK! We had such a fabulous cruise through alaska, here are some highlights:
Reuniting with the people I love and miss! Bryan came straight from Brasil, Heather from her new diggs in Indiana, and Noelle from Columbus, Ohio!
We soaked in the scenery (and the SUN) in all 3 Alaskan ports: Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway.
We played Pedro day and night. Literally.
We hiked to Otter's cove in Skagway where Noelle and Phil both plunged into the glacial water for a monetary prize neither Scott nor I deemed "worth it!"
We ate at a fantastic restaurant almost every meal. The food on a cruise ship is a MAJOR attraction.
(This is a dress I made. This experience is definitely worthy of it's own post- so hopefully I'll get that up soon. But until then, just know that I'm glad I did it, but wouldn't do it again! Sewing silk on your first project is a nightmare.)
Here is more of the fantastic food. And this is only the dessert bar!

We loved our first port city- Ketchikan! So tiny and quaint! We got up early to scope out the town before breakfast. It was great to beat the 2,000 person rush!

We also went to the logging show in Ketchikan! Totally fun! We saw the lumberjacks walk on logs, climb trees, saw very fast and throw axes... good fun!

Scott workin' his thing:

As much as we love the Whitehead children, it was SO NICE not to have them running around all the time and requiring all our energy and attention! We love Rick and Heather, and a BIG shout out goes to Rick's parents George and Dixie for watching the little ones!

It was so great to reconnect with my cousin Carrie and her husband Jason- so fun to have them and Ken and Kathy aboard the big ship!

Oh mealtime. We LOVED Donaldo the waiter/busboy who cated to our non-alcoholic tastes :)

Can you find the Photo-Bomber?

This was at the very start of the trip when we were docked in Seattle. LOVE my sisters!!!

A few more pics for your viewing pleasure:

The Tracy Arm Fjord:

I couldn't resist putting in one last shot of the dress. Maybe one day I will feel that it was worth it!!!
Now we are back to work in American Fork. We've been up to SLC every day since we've been back at the Tanner family Reunion/Snowbird- an annual celebration of family!
Love to you all,
Stefanie and Scott