Thursday, October 27, 2011


My mom has a LOT of great qualities that I will just touch on today. Mom, I hope you have a wonderful day and feel showered with love today!

My mom has a LOT of great qualities that I will just touch on today. Mom, I hope you have a wonderful day and feel showered with love today!

I think it is safe to say that when I am thrilled, my mom is thrilled! And when I am devastated, she is maybe twice as devastated. She really yearns for my happiness and will do anything she can to make my life richer.

One thing my mom and I really have in common is that we give and receive love in the same ways. That has worked out really nicely for me, since I have a primo example of how to show people that I love them! She showed our family how anticipate ways we can serve others, before they even know they want to be served! She goes out of her way to give useful gifts no matter the occasion. She is the epitome of a visiting teacher in that she really wants the well being of the sisters, instead of just getting in the door to see them each month.

It sometimes BAFFLES me how my mom remembers every detail about every friend or teacher I’ve ever told her about. She has a memory like a rat trap and she uses it to devise creative ways that she could help us or even sometimes ways that we can help our friends or those in need. She will sometimes ask me about people I haven’t been in touch with for years, and she sincerely wants the best for them.

My mom and I confide in each other. It’s nice when we “get” how each other think and can help each other come up with ways to present various proposals or break bad news, or whatever the situation may be.

My sister Heather wrote earlier today about how my mom takes care of my Dad so well, enabling him to serve so many. For as long as I can remember, she has sacrificed time with him so that he can comfort, counsel and help others. This definitely isn’t easy, but she continually supports him in both his work and church responsibilities.

She is always helping people who are generally in the same position as herself, but I think it is pretty unique that she really befriends those who are in a different phase of life than she is, or have different lifestyles or interests. She has a knack for helping the elderly and can always find things to chat about even when I think it’s impossible. She has recently taken up helping a new mother of triplets on a weekly basis. When my mom gets in a new situation, she gets to work and she works until the job is done.

Something that has taken on more value to me since being married is her ability to do “first things first.” That phrase drove me CRAZY while living at home, but her mentality and diligence to do her priorities first has really stuck with me. Who knew that finishing all my homework and doing flashcards before watching I Love Lucy would make an impression!


Birthday Boy!

Scott really couldn't wait to open his presents another moment. So he opened them first thing in the morning! Why not, right? After all, they had been taunting him on the kitchen table for a few days preceding his actual birthday. And by special request, we had eggs benedict for breakfast. Hopefully they turned out just like SueAnn's, as per his request. (How did I do Sue?) We actually had my 8 week ultrasound on Scott's very birthday! What better than to see our little tadpole and hear her/his heart beat?!? That made for a fun mid-day date, and made this present especially funny! If you've never seen "Life As We Know It" then you probably should. We crack up the whole time. And what could Scott love more than a cupcake tour of Utah County? Only a bottle of Stewarts root beer to go with it! The pink lemonade cupcake at Sweet Tooth Fairy was definitely the best. Turns out Dipidee's cupcakes are overrated, just FYI. You can ask us if you want the details, because we have them :)
And just for kicks, here is a pic from Scott and John getting our new mattress (atop the Vibe, really?) which was Scott's (and my) big present.

So fun to have John in town for a few days. He is always a good time. We had a nice small dinner party at Macaroni Grill and came home for games.

Happy Birthday Scott- hope it's a great year :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So to answer some questions and explain myself...

I fell off the blogging bandwagon primarily because I've been going to bed between 6-7pm every day. It's pretty lame, but I am really so exhausted it is weird. I'm starting to get some energy back though, so hopefully I'll be around a bit more :)

I have been sick, but things could definitely be worse. I will hit the 13 week mark tomorrow, so I think I'll be less and less sick with each day (fingers crossed)! I kind of expected to throw up a little bit, but for some reason thought I'd be fine the rest of the time... nope- nauseous all the time, throwing up intermittently throughout the day. It sometimes feels like I will never be well again.

We are brainstorming ways to transform our second bedroom from the office/library/sewing room/craft room/storage closet/guest bedroom into a nursery. I don't know where everything will go, but we will find a place!

I feel like I have made name lists my entire life in preparation for this time, but it turns out we have no idea what to name our child. Turns out it is pretty overwhelming to actually choose. Good thing we have half a year (long time...) to talk it over, but I'm hoping we get an idea love and agree on! One of the travel blogs I follow just named their boy "Atlas." Good idea? Bad idea? Anything can be a name these days!

Okay, well, I'm going to bed now, but I've uploaded a bunch of pictures, so soon you can see what Scott looked like on his 28th birthday. I know you are on the edge of your seats :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Festivities

This year has been a lot more festive around our house. It's nice because last year, I would wait until after every holiday and then buy/make decorations that were super cheap from the previous holiday. So this year it was really great to just take this wreath out of the closet and not even touch the budget, instead of sit with the hot glue gun for a few hours debating where the berries should go. You know how it goes :)
Anyway, it's just nice that it feels like Autumn! We are enjoying it while it lasts!

Some friends in the ward has us over to carve pumpkins with them. I was so embarrassed when we showed up on the doorstep, and Scott had is saw and drill in hand. They didn't know Scott super well before that night, so I was afraid it would be quite a shock, but they took it well, and Scott carved a cool pumpkin, very quickly :)

The finished products, Scott's on the left and mine on the right. Thank you Pinterest for the good idea. Turns out the chevron pattern looks really great on pumpkins.

Today's highlight: Asking my landlord about painting the nursery and hearing her response "I'll be the first one there to help you! What color?!?!"

Today's lowlight: Throwing up in the produce section of the grocery store. I have quite the collection of stories these days...

Saturday, October 22, 2011




Here is what you need to do:
1. Make an appointment with Alana at Nordstrom at University Mall. ( I think Nordstrom employees nationwide all get the same "Anastasia" training...)
2. Save up $30. Buy less groceries, consolidate errands to save gas money- do whatever it takes.
3. Come to your appointment ready for your life to be changed.

I never imagined that my eyebrows could look like this. I thought mine were just weird, thick, dark, and never capable of being "really nice" eyebrows. I've had an eyebrow complex for as long as I can remember. It has always been a pain in my side and source of frustration and insecurity. Well, Alana changed my mind and taught me how to keep them up on my own.

I would recommend investing in your face- it's kind of a big deal :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Our greatest adventure is on the way :)

Due May 3

to say the least!

Journal excerpt from the week we saw 2 lines:
I took the test several days before they recommend, but was so amazed to get a positive result even though I took it early! I am very aware of how much many women long for that second line, and I was immediately overcome with gratitude and THRILL and relief that my test came out positive! Scott has been kind of quiet today, I don’t think this whole baby thing has really hit him yet… he’s been referring to our child as the “alleged baby” and asking to talk with the “myth buster” (read: doctor) to confirm things and answer some questions. I got my blood drawn yesterday before we head on our BIG TRIP tomorrow! On my follow up visit to the lab, I had to fill 12 vials of blood and I was very brave!!! I got a prescription for an anti-nausea pill that I hopefully won’t need, but may be glad to have. For now, we’re just thrilled to become parents and begin this grand adventure!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zagreb to Budapest

So, since today is Sunday, and it has been FULL of missionary moments and experiences, I thought I'd share our experience with Marina on the train between Zagreb, Croatia and Budapest, Hungary.

We had a few hours before our train left Zagreb, so we chilled out at the park for a picnic lunch, and I found H and M, a real thrill :)
I also found fresh popcorn on the street, which may have even been more of a thrill :)

Then we boarded the train for our 6 hour ride, and ended up sharing our cabin with Marina, a 30 something year old girl headed to Hungary to see her boyfriend after 2 weeks apart. The six hours flew by because we never stopped chatting and sharing with each other.
Marina knows without a doubt that God lives and that He helps us in our lives, but it has been a few years since she has really felt the "fire" and had a spiritual experience, or even really yearned to have one.

It was SO COOL to hear Scott testify to her that Heavenly Father lives, and that He loves her. He is waiting to hear from her and give her the comfort and direction she so desperately needs in her life. I was actually really surprised how easy it was in this setting to share with her how I approach big life decisions and how I know whether I am living the life I want to live, or the life Heavenly Father has planned for me. I told her that after I pray, I wait and listen, sometimes for weeks or months at a time... but I know I can confidently move forward as long as my plan makes sense in my head, and feels right in my heart. Scott bore a powerful testimony that God will not let us go too far down a path that is wrong, and that His greatest desire is for us to be happy in this life and in the eternities.
Marina is such a good, good person, with such sincere desire to do good and know truth. What a special experience to be put in a time and place where we could share with her the truths we have and how those gospel truths really work in our daily lives.

One of my favorite things Marina asked was "What? You're married? What made you want to do that?" She has been with her boyfriend for several years, and wishes he would propose and marry her, but marriage is such a formality in their culture, and they just haven't gotten around to it.

I told her that I wanted to marry Scott because I wanted to be with him forever, and that marriage was the next logical step in our relationship. But Scott's answer was infinitely better when he explained that marriage is a commitment not just between us, but including Heavenly Father that makes our relationship eternal, and that helps sanctify and strengthen us because of the sealing power and covenants we make when we are married in the temple. Wow. Scott is such a good example to me of being bold in action and in conversation. I am the luckiest girl in the world to not only travel the world with him, but live every day by his side.

We wish Marina the best, and hopefully we'll stay in touch!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Did you think I fell off the face of the earth?

Because I kind of did.
We got home and it was LAUNDRY time.
Then we had a healthy stream of guests which was lovely and kept us very busy.
Scott had a birthday, which is always a good time...
and basically, I've sort of been too overwhelmed with my hundreds/thousands of images from our trip, that don't even know where to begin. (Good thing Costco ran a great deal on a TERAbite external hard drive!)

We never EVER regret it when we travel.

This trip was no exception: we were on the move from one adventure to the next and loved every second of it.
I LOVE exploring new parts of the world and learning to appreciate the differences and commonalities in all people, cultures, and lands. I know Heavenly Father loves us because He created this BEAUTIFUL earth for us to explore and enjoy!

Plitvice, Croatia (this image has NOT been enhanced. can you believe it?)
Our day on Mljet (island near Dubrovnik in the south of Croatia) was possibly our favorite spot. It was so relaxed and just calm everywhere. We went out to an old monastery on its own island and took a swim before renting the moto to see a bit more of the island.
Scott already loved Budapest and he was sure a handy tour guide for me! We only had 2 days there, but it was a highlight for sure! Both the Buda and Pest sides of the city are rich with history, staircases, and good food :)
Rovinj is part of the Istrian peninsula that really blew us away! Scott went scuba diving there and LOVED it, and this snapshot was taken during a break from our bike ride! This passerby saw us talking and was like "oh my gosh, give me your camera and act natural, you look soooo cute!"

We have some pretty funny stories so maybe I will post a few a day for a while in efforts to share about our trip, but not bore you... thoughts?