Monday, August 10, 2015

The Update

Well, we are in a house.  This has been about the longest move of all time.  Life is beginning to calm down a bit.

The day we got our ubox, we brought it home and realized that the staff in NYC had bolted it shut.  And all our tools were inside the box, so Scott went door to door in the neighborhood until he found the tools needed to get the box open.  The Elders came to help us unload and we did it in about 30 minutes!  Unpacking and buying/finding furniture has taken much longer and a lot of effort lest you think this was an easy move...

Setting up internet was nothing short of a nightmare, but we did eventually get it sorted out, at $2/month less than we paid in NYC.  Win.  We have been here about 2 weeks now, and our couch came tonight so we are glad to not sit on lawn chairs anymore.  We are getting a microwave installed in about two more weeks, which will make warming bottles and eating leftovers a whole lot easier.

The weather here is as good as they say.  It's perfect.  70-80 in the day, cool at night. We live directly under the flight path for the San Jose airport, which means we get double paned windows and air conditioning, which is very rare in this area.  Our cul-de-sac seems friendly and we have a big backyard.  We are so excited for Tatum to be able to play and swing outside.  We have a lemon tree and 3 other fruit trees which seems like heaven after not even getting a balcony in NYC.  The planes are loud, but overall, this house is quieter than where we lived on Broadway in New York.  We are loving our proximity to the mountains, the beach and the city.

It feels really good to be stable and have a place to call home.  Scott counted the other day that we and the girls have slept in 16 different places since May 30.  We've been on a wild, wild ride.

Our ward at church seems friendly.  I primarily talk with people in the mothers lounge, thanks Chloe for helping me make friends ;)  I'm looking forward to a recipe exchange tomorrow and getting to know some more people in the area.  An old friend from college invited us to dinner next Sunday, so we are looking forward to that.  Hopefully it's not too long until we have our backyard up and running so we can start hosting too!

I was pretty devastated that we don't have a dishwasher, but it isn't THAT terrible.  Having a washer/dryer in my own garage is a real luxury.  I can let things soak and do laundry whenever I want without a hassle.  Life is definitely easier in suburbia. There are definitely things we miss about New York.  It was a really great place to live and we don't regret a minute we spent there, but life is easier here...

I better go to bed now. I think if I can get up and showered before the girls wake, I'll be more on top of the day tomorrow!