Friday, May 23, 2014

Saturday Downtown

If you follow me on Instagram you know about this new taco place just 4 blocks from our place.  It's a game changer.  Really really delicious. And cheap.
And in the morning, down to South Street Seaport!  We've seen this park probably 50 times from across the water over in Brooklyn, but never actually gone to it!  There are adirondack chairs and grass to run free- everyone is happy!  It wasn't even crowded on a Saturday morning!
Her current favorite snack of baby carrots.  
And then a little change of plans and we were off to Coney Island to visit some friends!  It's definitely a trek down there, but always fun to go to the beach!
I die.

And on the way home, a wild, wild subway show.  New York is starting to liven up for summer!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boston, MA

Another day trip is in the books!
We were planning to go stay with some friends at the beach house in Florida this weekend, but the flights filled up the day of, really devastating.  So while they lounged in powdery sand and went kayaking with crocs, we were searching where we could get to in hopes of salvaging the weekend.  And Boston it was!

So with very little notice/plans, we hopped on the plane to Boston.  A quick 40 minute flight, but big commuter city with JFK, so it was more difficult to get home than we anticipated.  

Boston Commons:

 To the Freedom Trail!  Scott had never been to Boston, and since my biggest memory of Boston was getting a lobster beanie baby in Elementary School, I basically hadn't been either.  

Mike's Pastry has been on my bucket list for years, literally, so tasting those cannoli was a highlight for sure.  Luckily my sister Heather tipped us off to their Boston Cream Pie the day before which was, amazing, to say the least.

Graveyards have never given me a big thrill, but John Hancock's gravestone sort of took my breath away.  Most impressive to me was that he was buried beside his long time house helper Frank.  So sweet.  
Getting hauled off the grass...
Paying tribute to Paul Revere:

To see where the Boston Massacre started and the first place the declaration was read was really, really neat.  We downloaded an audio tour on Scott's phone upon arrival, and it made all the difference in helping us understand what we were seeing while applying sunscreen to the babe and walking along the red brick path.  Reading tour books is overrated. 

We had 5 hours in Boston, and used to it to walk the whole trail, eat lunch at Quincy Market (why does nobody talk about this??) and tour the SS Constitution.  Scott is a total sucker for boat tours.  It was the Intrepid all over again.  

Boston is a little big city.  Coming from NYC, it had a small feel and was TOTALLY stroller friendly and the subways were so clean and easy to navigate.  Maybe the saying that "If you can live in New York you can live anywhere" is true!  And, If you know Tatum you know her friendly wave:

Super enthused.

Like I said, getting home on standby was a great trial, but in the end, we hit the pillow at 1am and have a fun day in Massachusetts to show for it.  If it's up to me, we'll be back in the fall :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Savannah, GA

Like all our travels, we have early mornings!  But this day, an F train had derailed so the E line out to JFK was just not running.  We made some quick decisions and paid $7 more pp to take a direct train out from Penn station.  We got there fast and easy, just more money.  Always more money.
 The flight went great, we love that she loves Frozen.  T gets such a thrill from riding on a "big plane" and is fairly well behaved.  It's gotten a LOT easier to fly.
Once we arrived, we took a $1.50 local shuttle to downtown Savannah.  It was just a 20 minute ride and so cheap!  First we went to see General Sherman's house.  Scott said "I don't like what he stood for, but I do like his house!"
 Savannah is the epitome of quaint, cute, southern charm.  Being around all the friendly southerners really made us wonder why we live in a place with so many rude people.
 I mean, really.
 I was glad I brought my camera, though taking it along did DOUBLE our baggage. We just carried our trusty drawstring nike bag with diapers and sunscreen, ipad and goldfish.  Oh, and fruitsnacks.  Pretty simple!

 This Spanish moss was everywhere in town!
 We did the touristy thing and got the buffet at Paula Deen's flagship restaurant, Lady and Sons.  We really loved it.  The BEST fried chicken, amazing cheddar rolls and corn cakes, green beans, lima beans, mashed potatoes, ... it was all dripping in butter and so delicious. That meal was our breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day.
 And after that, we picked one of 22 squares in town to lay out while we watched T run and play.  She was really in heaven, she's an explorer that girl!

 The moss really looked fake, but it's not!
 The final square, so beautiful!  We saw probably 5 weddings going on throughout town-- everywhere you turn is the perfect venue!
 The photos from Lady and Sons (since I couldn't (Read: didn't try long enough to) get them to move up in the blog post..)
 The cheddar biscuit and corn pancake were AMAZING. Maybe the best part.
 Those mashed potatoes.  The fried chicken!  Sweet potatoes, are you kidding me?  Best green beans.  All of it, delish!

And the photo that made me glad I lugged my SLR around:
 A day relaxing and exploring with these two is always a good day.
I wish I were certain that we'd return to Savannah, because I loved it so much... but there are just so many amazing places on our list that I wonder if we'll make it back this summer.  I hope so!

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Update

This past week has been Cra-zay.  Really.  We went to Orlando for 3 days, and to Savannah, Georgia as a day trip.  On top of that was cleaning the house, laundry (which is a thing here), 2 yr photo shoot for T girl, visiting teaching, planning and executing a birthday party, and for Scott, a few papers, group projects and presentations and of course, his 8-5 work schedule. Needless to say I am taking it easy today, uploading photos, cleaning up and definitely catching up on my sewing!  I'll likely do a post on each of these events, but in the meantime...

We LOVED Savannah!  And there is a $1.50 shuttle from the airport into town, so it makes for a really nice day trip!!

Tatum knew it was her birthday and ate it up!  Whip cream and sprinkles for breakfast? Yes please!  She would hardly let us take off her party hat for church.  What a little gem.
 And her "Birthday Cake."  Personal fruit pizzas worked great for a kid/adult party because the kids could do Funfetti sprinkles on sugar cookies and the adults loved the fruit with glaze!  Actually, Tatum did too!
I just finished a bedding set for a client in Hawaii-- I adore her prints!  New York Threads is busier than ever!!