Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here's to Halloween!

This is our cutest pumpkin, in case you were wondering...
Power tool pumkin carving!  The entire process takes half an hour and our pumpkins always turn out better when we do them this way.
 Thanks Lyndsey for the idea and supplies!  Who knew so many characters could be made from a footprint?!?
And this morning for breakfast:
Scary banana pancakes!
 Kiler pumpkin:  PERU OR BUST! (Scott is getting the idea that I won't let up!)
 And, thanks to my friend Dresden for the printable, we have Jack-O-Lantern jumble to deliver today! 
Head over to her blog for the printable and make this delicious recipe:
9 cups Chex cereal
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup butter/margarine
1 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

FIRST: Measure cereal and set aside in a large bowl.

THEN: Microwave chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter, uncovered on high for 1 minute. Microwave in 30 sec. increments, mixing between, until mixture is smooth.

NEXT:  Stir in the vanilla, and pour mixture over cereal until evenly coated.

LAST: Pour mixture into a gallon size ziplock and ad powdered sugar. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

I add Reeses Pieces just because I like more chocolate, and the colors add a little Halloween cheer!

Spread it to cool, and store in an airtight container.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Power Play the President

Oh my word!
Most of you have probably seen this video regarding the debate....
but it is pretty epic.
So if you haven't viewed this YouTube video, go now!
It's less than 3 minutes.
Donald Trump power plays the president!
I hope Obama complies.  I want to see his records.  And if he doesn't comply, then I hope the rest of America has enough common sense to realize that he has secrets enough to disqualify him as the President of the United States.
Until October 31...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Funniest Thing!

So today at church, a nice lady with good intentions told me:

"Stefanie! You finally lost all your baby weight!"

Hmm... Wow!

In other news... We have killer Halloween costumes this year :)   Love our little lobster!

 The costume took a bit longer to build than I planned, but thanks to my friend Amy's sleeper pattern, I knew where to begin!  Her pinchers kill me! The hat was guesswork to build, but actually whipped up in less than half an hour, too funny!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Home Run

At our house, we gauge family meals in baseball terminology.
(don't ask me why, neither of us are into baseball.)

A single- Meh.  Toss the recipe, I won't be sad to never eat this again.  But I guess it was fine this time.
A double- It was good and I would eat this a few times a year.
A triple- Wow, that was a nice meal!  There are a few things that could/should be changed to make this a real culinary experience.
A home run- TOTALLY AWESOME dinner! "Can we have this again tomorrow?" 

And guess what folks?  Last night I tried a new recipe and Scott declared it a home run:

Combine in blender:
1 tsp+ toasted sesame oil
¼ cup vegetable oil
Almost a ¼ cup seasoned rice wine vinegar (or any flavored vinegar...)
1 lime (~2tbsp) fresh sqeezed lime juice
1 Tbsp soy sauce (Scott’s special kind from the Asian market)
1 Tbsp+ brown sugar
2 Tbsp smooth peanut butter
1” fresh ginger coarsely chopped
1 large garlic clove coarsely chopped
2 Tbsp Best Foods mayonnaise

1 bunch chopped cilantro
Cooked chicken (just cubed, and pan seared in oil, salt and pepper)
Matchstick cut carrots (lots!!! So crunchy and good!)
Bean sprouts (same amount-ish as carrots)
(optional: chopped red pepper, green onion, chopped peanuts)

Serve on Butter leaf lettuce (the best!  If not, romaine is fine.  2 heads butter leaf was $3.22 at Costco.)


Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Week via Instagram

Ruby had her 5 month birthday this week. The first year is kind of fun because we celebrate each month!  She is growing out of her 3-6 month clothes and mostly in all 6 month outfits now.  Time to get some warmer things for the inevitable Utah winter that is coming...

 But, to celebrate fall, we did make it apple picking!  Unfortunately, the apples were old and terrible... we didn't end up buying any.  But hey, at least we got some cute pictures!
 And my fav photo of the week:  Uncle Bry with the Ruby!  We were so happy Bryan would join us for Conference Saturday.  We had a fun time with Sammy's pie shakes at the park between sessions. 
I have now joined Noelle and Heather (my sisters) in applauding Bryan as the BEST uncle ever!  He is so sweet with Ruby and never gets ruffled when she cries and doesn't complain when she poops... He feeds her and plays with her and is always watching out for the babe.  With that hair, Bryan looks like he could be R's dad!  

Monday, October 1, 2012


I don't know why I post these to facebook, then to my blog too.  Waste of time.  I already had them uploading when I realized what a waste of time this was... but ANYWAY:

 One Handsome cowboy!
We fulfilled his lifelong (or maybe 6 year long) dream of riding horses in the Uintas!  And, his parents flew in the night before to surprise him! Party time!
 Christina gave him his favorite present: The remote control shark.  
He used it to terrorize our child, and greet people who knock at our front door.
Yeah, we've had some surprised visitors!
You never know what will happen when you come to the Hathaways!
 Korine was so sweet to watch Ruby while we drove up to Oakley to go riding.  Scott is part cowboy, in case you didnt know.

 We were perfectly matched with our horses.  Scotts was always the first in line, and never lets other horses pass him. My horse follows Scott wherever he goes, and has a bit of an attitude!  Too funny!
 Now SueAnn wants to buy her own horse.  She is a total natural!
 It was quite the trick to get all the horses lined up :)

 Best buds.

 Fish tacos for lunch- Scotts favorite!  Lone Star Taqueria is about the only Mexican place in Utah that we would be proud to take friends.
 And to end the birthday: Bonfire!
 Steaks, bubbly, and grilled corn. YUM!
 The party continued to Saturday when we went to the Heber Crater!
 R loved the swim too!

It's gonna be pretty hard to top this birthday party!