Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

Over Easter Weekend:

Bryan took us for a tour of the 27th floor of the church office building, and to his desk of course! We ate waffles and aebliskeiver
(I forgot to take a pic of the aebliskiever, but here are some meatballs Scott made the other week- this pan worked GREAT!!!)

and ice cream
and we got massages, Best. Ever.
ate tuna melts after church
And we got a visit from the Easter Bunny.
The Easter Bunny even knew where to find my parents!

Dad's was hidden the very hardest behind the crock pot, but of course he found it SUPER fast...

Scott got silly string in his basket, and put it straight to good use! He also got protective eyewear... the Easter bunny didn't want a husband with a sliver of wood in his eyeball. He wore the goggles most of the morning. Never before has there been such a great $1 store find :)

Scott really knows how to put together a great basket: QUALITY candy (read Cadbury eggs, Lindt bunnies, and tropical skittles!), a cookbook I have been drooling over for months now (more on that later), and even a pair of pinking shears. How did this boy know?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rockin' that Rock Wall!

After the wedding luncheon, we took a 7 minute rest before heading up Battlecreek canyon to let my family in on the fun...Bring on the rappel!

Scott set up the ropes. And taught everyone what to do. Until we got the hang of it... It's still a little scary even for me.Bryan rocked that rock wall!Dad loved it. He may have been the only one not to do a 360 spin where the wall caves in. He's pretty much a pro.

So after we all had a turn, we ran down the canyon, spruced up, and headed to the wedding reception :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


Matt and Jessica Tanner

April 23, 2011

My cousin Matt became a husband, and Jessica became a Tanner :)

It was great to have my parents in for the occasion. And the 4 oldest boys were glad to be together with Grandpa. We missed Dave and Donnette who couldn't come, but 6/8 kids is pretty good if you ask me! Jessica fits in so well with all the Tanner girls. We love our cousins and cousins-in-law, the more the merrier! And Scott learned a lot of tricks on Angry Birds from the boy cousins.

Matt will be the best husband for Jessica. He is patient, kind, responsible, neat, and FUN. They are the kind of couple who has never gotten in a fight and probably never will. She is so giving and you can tell Jessica knows who she is and where her priorities are. And Matt, he's really the best. We have a lot of fun memories together having grown up near each other and being the same age/grade. He is reallllly cool and I'm so proud of him and excited for him!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I just read a fantastic post by my friend and Jerusalem roommate Amy, who wrote about Good Friday.

Good Friday is not a happy holiday, but the bitter that makes Easter so sweet.

I have walked the
where Christ walked on the day of greatest betrayal, cruelest irony, most immense lonliness and desparity, and yet through it all, the day of the most immeasurable love!

I remember waking up Easter morning in Jerusalem two years ago, feeling so elated and truly thrilled that Christ is risen! Rejoicing that He is my King and through Him I can have utmost happiness both on earth and in life to come! I think I felt that emotion so strongly because I learned and sorrowed so deeply in rememberence of His crucifixion. I love that as a Latter-Day Saint, I focus on His ressurection and life, but recognize that the joy of Easter morning comes only in and through the agonizing sorrow of Gethsemane and Golgotha.

The Savior of the world was given death by the people He had given life. The hands which healed the sick and caused the blind to see, were pierced with iron nails.

Amy said it perfectly, "Never before or since has triumph looked so much like defeat."I cherish the principles I learned and the feelings I felt in Jerusalem.

And most of all, I cherish my Savior who died that we might live!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Keen. Teva. Chaco. Reef.

I love all these shoes. Chacos and Reefs are my favorite. This sweet shoe picture was taken on a great day to be alive: Us four + Scott will be reunited on Friday.

Sleepover at the Hathaways :)

Sooo Excited!

p.s. If I ever end up with a dog (which would be a miracle for Scott, a semi-nightmare for me, the dog's name would definitely be Chaco. It's condition #1.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gift Card Cozy

Do you ever find yourself scrambling through your purse looking for that gift card you know is somewhere in there? I can never remember if the one I am seeking is one of the few that make my wallet bulge, or if it is floating somewhere in a purse pocket, the middle console of my car, or even back home in my top drawer...

Well this has been the answer to my problem:

The Gift Card Cozy!

I made mine out of some extra decor fabric I had on hand. Then I rifled through my ribbon bin and found a textured ribbon that I thought fit. And finally, I hand stitched on little velcro dots so that the cards won't slide out!

My gift card search is an organized process these days...

I would suggest trying this one out yourself.

It took me maybe ten minutes to make and has probably already saved me ten minutes of searching!

Monday, April 18, 2011


This spring I am looking forward to:

Having my parents and Bry for Easter :)

Tin foil dinners

Hiking to/rapelling our favorite waterfall

Camping in the Uintas on a Friday night

Planting some herbs on our deck

Going to the rodeo

Sonic happy hour slushes

What do you love to do in the spring?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kia Sorento!!!

We are sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!

Here I am with our new wheels :)
2011 Kia Sorento
(lease return with ~ 25k miles)
All Wheel Drive (totally Scotts favorite feature!)

Classy dark paneling
Automatic locks (an important upgrade!)
Sirus radio
ipod hook up :)
USB insert
Voice activated calling through the steering wheel
Cruise control
Air conditioning and heat!!!
Drop down cup holder in the center (Scott also loves this a lot)
Very spacious trunk for camping trips :)
Storage space underneath
TIGHT turning radius
Great warranty
Great, neutral color
Fog lights
Tinted windows
Quality tires
Great crash test ratings and lots of safety features!

Basically, we couldn't be more THRILLED! After ~6 months and over 30 test drives on various cars, we decided on the Kia Sorento and bought it just yesterday!

We are SO grateful to my parents who contributed to this for my college graduation gift, we definitely could not have done it without them!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Aussie Mates

Mark and Lucinda Rochester came to visit us while they were in town from Sydney!

It was such a treat to meet this couple who Scott taught on his mission in Australia! Now Mark serves as the ward mission leader :) These two were very funny blokes- the type who just joke around and there are no worries. They are "cheeky-as" people, always ready for a good time!

Scott loves this shirt; You would think King Bhumibol of Thailand gave it to him...

They reminded me of some lingo down under:

jumper- sweater bathers- swim suit

good on ya- uh, good on ya!

lift- elevator

rubbish bin- trash can

AND, did I mention they came through the door with a bag full of lollies?

Yeah, a Tim Tam Slam kit (try not to be jealous Marcie), real Cadbury chocolate, Picnics, little carmel things, and a few extra boxes of Tim Tams ta boot! THANK you Mark and Lucinda! Hopefully we will visit you in Sydney sooner than later :)