Live Your Dream

Selling your stuff and moving to Costa Rica sounds like a dream to some of you!

But for most of you,
the idea of living out of a suitcase, without a car, sweating all day and never having Jamba Juice doesn't sound too enticing :)

I am the first one to tell you that doing what we are doing has both ups and downs.   Luckily for us, the ups outweigh the downs, and the sheer curiosity and magic of living abroad inspires us to continue in this way.  We are living our dream.

My point in writing this is to say that while we are living OUR dream, I encourage you to live YOUR dream!  This blog is a travelogue of our adventures and misadventures.  Here, I detail what it is like to live the life of our dreams.   I hope that when you read my blog you feel inspired to go after YOUR goal, to live your own dream!

What is the "life of your dreams?"  Maybe you are already living it and you don't even realize it?!?  Maybe you are not living it yet, and there are some steps you can take today to get you a little bit closer?

My friend Dresden has a new house with a gorgeous kitchen, and a craft room (jealous!!) in the state she loves with the people she loves!  What a dream!

My friend Chelsea is renovating a space to run her business Chelsea's Cool Cakes where she builds custom cakes in Stavanger, Norway.  What a dream!

My friend Kelsey who graduated in Exercise Science is now teaching yoga and spending her time promoting healthy living.  What a dream!

My friend Amy has taught herself to sew and now has a booming blog Naptime Crafters with thousands of followers who love her tutorials and advice!

My friend Ali worked really hard to become a nurse, and now she works in the pediatric unit of the hospital and is married to her high school sweetheart.  What a dream!

These friends have given me the courage to live my dream!  I don't necessarily want to open a cake shop or become a nurse.. that is not my dream.  But I feel motivated to be intentional about my life as I watch others live the life of their dreams!

So now is the question: WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?

I'm curious, let me know!

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