Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wild child? or Mild child?

You guys.
Lets be honest...
We were all pretty sure Scott and I would make a WILD child.
Well, she barely ever moves.
We're not super worried, but I should be feeling her kick and move much more than I am.
I drink cold water,
Scott pokes her,
I eat a candy bar and try to feel her move...
So much for a wild child, we got a mild child!

It happened.
One night just before bed,
Scott blasted some Selena!
You know, the Latina singer whose music really has a beat.
Well our baby girl got dancing to that!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Years Winners

It's still January, right?
We all surprised ourselves by staying up until midnight, partying hard!
You will probably not believe this. But it is true. Out of about 25 people in the Kinnect Just Dance competition,
Dad came in first, me second and mom third.

I mean really? What are the chances? We had no clue what we were doing. It was pretty embarrassing to sweep it, especially since none of us had ever played Kinnect, only Wii one time in our lives (Earlier that week with Heather's fam). It was even more awkward since I was wearing my gold top which I changed into at the last second, trying to take a fashion risk for the holidays.
Anyway, Happpy New Year to all :)

Hopefully one day our kissing picture will be as good as my parents :) They've got it DOWN!
Maybe I will post my New Years Resolutions soon too!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seattle Bites Culinary Tour

Our stay in Sammamish was complete with mints on our pillows :)
Thanks mom :)
To celebrate our anniversary, we headed downtown for the Seattle Bites culinary tour of Pike Place Market. It was really cool to spend some time getting to know the market where we always go, but know little history about. Plus, we got to try about 12 "bites" (rather hearty) from food vendors that we wouldn't otherwise have tried.
First stop, Taste restaurant at the Seattle Art Museum. This very natural/organic eatery was one of our favorites. Very fresh, real, flavorful dishes. We had freshly baked flatbread with creme fresh, capers, cilantro, red onions and smoked salmon. You better believe we took seconds when they came around offering!

Next stop, Crepe de France.
We had banana nutella crepes, which were, incredible. (They were great, don't get me wrong, but Budapest's Langos definitely win on fatty pastry smothered in chocolate....) I could definitely handle a full size of this crepe!
If you've been to Seattle and seen the tiles, then this photo will look familiar. I loved the tour because even though it was about food, we heard cool stories about the vendors, and things like the love story that made these tiles special. Apparently the guy (math teacher at University of Washington) bought all these tiles ($25/tile at the time) and simply put a prime number on each tile, symbolizing how his love for this woman is only divisible by itself. How cute :)
Our ginger tour guide was awesome! She was energetic and engaging and she knew all the answers! And, I'm pretty sure we got special treatment since Scott's a ginger too! (Do you think Baby Hathaway will be an orange? Im kinda thinking yes since Heather and Bryan were both strawberry blonde, and let's be honest, Scott's hair color is probably dominant!)
ANYWAY, this "I love New York Deli" had pretty great sandwiches :) It came with a delightful pickle spear, and CELERY soda! So good paired with the authentic pastrami. Definitely one of my favorite bites.
I think both of our ultimate favorite was the clam chowder! It is just off post road if you want to go there, just on the edge of the "Sanitary building" with all the dairy products.
This chowder has won Maine's "New England Chowder Cook Off" 3 years in a row. Pike Place Chowder is now not invited to compete, but the owner is now a judge. Here's what the store front looks like so you'll recognize it when you see it. This is a don't miss it. Really, pin it, write it in your planner, save it in your Google account- you've gotta do something to remind yourself to eat here.
And even Seattle's Best had something for us. The hot chocolate was perfect on a cold January day. Pike Place Market promotes the entrepreneur, and does not host chain companies. They don't want a commercial market. But, there are 2 exceptions: Starbucks, and Seattle's Best Coffee. And the only reason they have space at the market is because these were their first sites. The market didn't kick them out for succeeding. It was cool to hear how Seattle's Best went from Stewart Brothers Coffee to SBC to Seattle's Best Coffee! So cool how every business has their story and really neat to learn of everything they went through.
Such a great day :)
Here we have a glazed salmon bite. Phenomenal salmon, prepared in a great fashion. YUM. If only they handed this stuff out on long flights!
Chicken Tikka Marsala! Spicy and good! This is one of those where it just looks like cafeteria bins of food, and you opt for a sandwich instead of stopping at this stand. Well skip this stand no more! The Tikka Marsala was off the hook! Get ready for a spicy experience- very flavorful and loved every bite, but you'll need some milk!
And the gum wall. Who doesn't love the gum wall? The comedy theater just beside the wall began having a gum problem, and prohibiting the young teens from bringing gum into the theater. Well without a garbage to dispose of the forbidden gum, the kids began just sticking it to the brick. They scraped it off once, but since learning that the Seattle gum wall is in the top 3 for "World's least hygenic tour attractions" they've left it up, hoping to win first!
Wearing that coat and jumping around they was I was, I doubt anyone in our tour group even suspected I was 5 months prego.

Oh, and the sausauge. Prepared by a legit German man who trained in Taiwan? Yeah, not sure... Anyway, I didn't like it, Scott loved it. Lucky guy got to eat mine.
And our last stop, DADS OFFICE! Luckily there was a birthday and they'd ordered in red velvet cupcakes (Scott's fav) and moist carrot cake cupcakes (My fav) so we got to party with them. I still love going to visit my dad almost as much as I did as a 6 year old when I followed the copy lady around and begged to make a copy of my handprint and shred papers for her.
We had such a great day, really glad we did the tour. We're not really tour people, but this one worked out great and we have no regrets. Next time, we're definitely getting clam chowder and we're anxious to try Beecher's macaroni and cheese. Anybody heard of it or had it before? The line was about 40 minutes long which is always a sign of good food!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowshoe FAIL.

A few weekends back we tried to go snowshoeing.
Got on all our gear.
Rented snowshoes.
Arranged our day for a trip to the high Uintas....

And you know what?
No snow.
Like Zilch.
So, a peppermint fudge shake from Dairy Keen made the drive worthwhile.
What is with the lack of snow? At least Scott doesn't have to scrape the car in the mornings. That gets reallllly cold and really old really fast.

I've gotten some great things in the mail recently:
1. More newborn diapers than I can handle.
2. A clear case for the macbook pro. It is awesome and I'm way less worried when it ends up on a counter top of crumbs or something... It looks nice and works great!
3. A cute pink hat from SueAnn. So cute of her to send things she finds for our baby!
4. Fabric swatches from online vendors for the baby bedding. I am almost ready to commit to fabric and get things going.
5. Mint M&Ms from a friend who knew Scott loves those. Mailed from Washington. 2 bags of mint m&ms. Was that nice or what?

So even if snowshoeing adventures are a fail, it seems every day at the mailbox is a thrill :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

What a Weekend...

I usually do not share anything too specific about my medical condition/history, but since I ended up in the labor and delivery unit this weekend, and since I feel so blessed and relieved, I thought I'd share a bit of my weekend. Please don't read on if you get grossed out, or don't want to know the details.

The past two weeks, my pain scale has been about a 5/10. Hurting and painful, but not unbearable by any means. I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday where we went over things, and I got an antibiotic to combat a yeast infection. (This was the second intervention in about 2 weeks). I took the med Wednesday afternoon, and beginning Thursday, the pain was getting worse and worse. I kept telling myself that I'd just taken the pill and I needed to give it some time to work. As the hours passed, it hurt to walk, sit, stand, bend over, get in the car... anything. By the time I called the doctor at 4pm Friday, they were closed and I was in a world of regret. Scott was so good never complaining about staying in on Friday night (or Saturday or Sunday) and always very attentive to me, but we were both frustrated that it was now the weekend and there was no chance to talk with the doctor.

I slept maybe 1.5 hours total Friday night. Every position hurt. By this time, I knew it was something much more fierce than a yeast infection. Maybe the antibiotic I took Wednesday killed both the bad and good bacterias? I didn't have any answers and no topical cream or warm bath relieved me. I called an OBGYN in my ward to see if I should go to the Instacare, and she said that because I am 24 weeks along, both the Instacare and the ER would send me to the labor and delivery unit at AF hospital. Since I had no discharge and wanted to skip a very large hospital bill, I decided to tough it out and be at my doctor's office Monday morning.

Well Saturday night was worse. I slept maybe half an hour before waking up in hysterics, it just hurt so bad. Scott was so so good to me, but it was a long night. Pain was now at a 12/10. About 2 am we called the on call MD who happened to be my doctor who had seen me Tuesday. He was super calm (and tired!) and told us to apply some hydrocortizone cream and then make an appointment to see him next week. I'm thinking- "I don't want pain relief, I need resolution. I am dying. and none of this next week business... I'll beat you to the office Monday morning!" Dr. Watabe confirmed that the only place who will admit me is labor and delivery, and since I have no discharge/bleeding, I should apply the cream and be tough until Monday. So anyway Scott went out and got me the cream and attended to my wailings all night long. Then at 5am it was time for him to get ready for his church meetings. Off he went, tired boy.

While he was gone at meetings and church, I started bleeding. Pregnant women at 24 weeks should not bleed. I was scared and hurting and it was just really a nightmare. At this point I was like, "I've lasted all weekend, I can wait until tomorrow so I don't have to go to the hospital." But then after talking with the OB in my ward (love her!) I was convinced that since we don't know where the blood is coming from the risk of staying home and waiting until Monday is too high. Whatever the hospital bill ends up being, it is worth having no regrets.
Ugh this story is getting really long, I'm going to wrap it up. Warning: This is the gross part: We get admitted to the hospital (Scott wanted a hospital tour before the baby's birthday, and boy did he get one!) and go through all the paperwork and such. A young nurse checks things out, has no idea what's going on, and brings in a second opinion, Carol who is a saint. She was clearly the head nurse and she knew what she was talking about and she knew what she was looking at. Turns out I had a Bartholin cyst that had gotten infected and become an abscess. So basically a grape-sized, infected sore along my vaginal canal. I was so relieved to finally have an answer and to know that the baby was unaffected and growing healthily! The cyst had ruptured (prob around 3-4am) and was now draining blood and puss. OUCH. That is all I have to say. We cleaned things out and Carol gave me Percocet and an oral antibiotic. I am feeling much better now that I am on pain meds and now that the pressure of the cyst is draining.

It only takes one little thing going wrong to realize ALL the things that are going right with this pregnancy. It is such a miracle that everything in the body can work together to create such a perfect little person. I am so grateful to have insurance and to be able to get the help I needed. Scott was a champ and did things he surely never imagined he would do. I am off work sick today, taking it easy and laying down... hopefully the medications will work and I'll be healthy and happy again soon!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sammamish Christmas

We spent our time in Seattle doing a few things at home, like:
Organizing the laundry room (Go Scott!)

And going out for lunch- TERIYAKI! I love Niko's so much! I've built it up a lot in my mind over the last 3 years since I've eaten there, and do you believe it was even BETTER than I anticipated? Yeah, REALLY tasty!
Along with the Jamba it was a DREAM meal. With plenty for leftovers! One thing I love about Sammamish/Redmond (Besides the teriyaki of course) is the wide selection of cheeses.

I swear you can only buy about 5 types of cheese within a 40 mile radius of my house. Oh Utah... You should have seen Scott checking out all the varieties!

Whats a trip to Lake Sammamish without a walk around the lake? Everyone kept trying to get me to walk faster and longer... they were all really eager that day.

And, me at 22 weeks. My parents seriously have a million dollar view. It is really a treat to wake up, eat meals, play games, and do everything we do at the lake.

Merry Christmas from Sammamish!

Thanks for the fun visit!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Kimball Christmas

The night before we flew to Spokane, my grandparents had an available night at their time share in SLC. So we packed our bags and Christmas gifts for each other, and headed north! First stop: Olive Garden. We loved using the gift card Scott won from being the BUNKO CHAMP a few weeks prior! Way to go babe! Next Stop: The Kimball. It worked out so well to stay downtown and have a fun getaway before our family vacation. The Kimball is literally right across the street from the conference center/temple. See? We got our Christmas all set up, then ventured into the cold to see some lights and walk temple square. We brought our little wooden tree (On the table in front of the white bag) to put all our gifts beneath. I think this was the last day I could button my coat. It's not possible anymore :(
Scott's big present was a rice cooker! He loved it. Turns out it can do a lot more than cook rice! My recipe book holder has already proven to be a gem, and I got some great chick flicks and even a bumbo for the baby. I am one lucky girl! The wreckage. It was a little obnoxious to bring in like 3 loads of wrapped gifts to the fifth floor at 9pm, and then carry them all out again at 5:30am... but it was worth it! Happy Christmas!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

MInute to Win It Christmas Style

We all know minute to win it, right? Well this Christmas version was kind of the best ever:

Christmas Tree stacking:
Carol blowing (Each bottle gave a different note):
Jingle Bells (Shake 'em all out of your box!):

The Nut Stacker:
And Rudolph Nose:
Thanks for putting this all together Heather! Super fun!