Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Asia Clips :)

We created a Thai cooking course for ourselves

Indonesian altars

Malaysian jungle bridge

Turns out we had many more adventures in Asia that never hit the blog! I'll try to do some highlights over the next few weeks!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My would-be graduation day...

First of all, I am just so glad that I walked for graduation in August instead of today. I finished my degree in December, so I had the choice to walk 4 months early, or 4 months late. Since my dad was in town and I felt “practically done,” I wore the cap n’ gown in August. Today is a very windy/rainy day so now I am especially glad we took care of all that commencement business in the SUN! Plus, now I have a job where I earn money, so the opportunity cost is definitely greater now. I think I mentioned in that picture post that my parents brought my diploma to me earlier this month. So I guess I’m just feeling pretty proud today. That’s the bottom line. Here are some pics I don’t think I posted in August, that I still think are pretty funny :)
Gotta LOVE Grandpa photobombing!!! And it was so cool to have Sarah there!!!
My dad has now had all 4 kids graduate from BYU. I think he was maybe more proud than I was for myself!

All my family that came to support. What good times!

See, look what a sunny day it was! I really loved my job at the Center for Service during 3 years of college. These are some of my fav coworkers and Casey, the Director.

It's crazy to think that Scott and I weren't even engaged at this point! I'm so grateful he was there for such a monumental event.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Jamba Update

So, I’ve been twice so far. Last night I had Caribbean passion with lime sherbet instead of orange sherbet.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day. So in celebration, I went to Orem to pick up our Jambas J Even though I am still the “new girl” at work, I apparently have enough presence to convince the office that it is a good idea. Now I am having Mango-a-go-go with orange sherbet instead of pineapple sherbet. I would HIGHLY recommend it!

Scott and I have an "apply for every free birthday treat" date night coming up. What are some of your favorite birthday freebies?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Greatest Day of our Lives!!!

Can you believe it? Jamba Juice is doing a buy 1 get 1 free promotion through the 25th of April! Click Here to get the coupon! I wonder how many times Scott and I will get to go!?!? :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Story From Saturday

What a weekend. I didn’t take many pictures, but we did do some fun things. We went to REI (we're happy owners of the "Half-dome 2" tent!) and Nordstrom Rack, had a Jerusalem BBQ and organ concert, I went to a bridal shower and Scott did a lead-climb on a multi-pitch route with his friends, we had my cousins over Sunday evening, and of course, we cleaned the house. Here is a great story from Saturday:

Saturday morning I got in the shower about 9:15. I guess I just assumed that we share a water heater with the rest of our building (which we don’t) and I got into a cold shower, swearing I would never let it get so late that I missed the hot water again! I got out freezing, and telling Scott of my Asian-like cold water experience.

After rock climbing, Scott went to get in the shower and the water never got hot. Instead of just getting in like I did, Scott went out to the water heater only to find a crack in the pipe, and a huge puddle of water that had killed the ignition light or something. So he called our landlord Barbara. She immediately called Les, and within 10 minutes, he was at our door, arms full with a tool kit and a wet/dry vac. About 5 minutes after Les had gotten to work, Barbara showed up with a loaf of bread from Kneaders to apologize for the inconvenience. She stayed and fawned over our wedding pictures, told us about her kids, and talked with me about sewing projects J

So in a matter of literally 30 minutes, we discovered the problem, made the call, and had the heater fixed, with a nice visit and a loaf of Kneader’s bread ta boot!

Oh the glories of renting!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sewing projects

I kept busy on Saturday doing a few sewing projects while Scott did his taxes. I made some new dish towels to hang on the oven. We got a few for our wedding, but I wanted some that go with the vibe of the kitchen.
I love this paisley print, and the ruffled gold insert was fun to try. I think it adds a nice texture.
Next on the list was this cute "hootie hider," basically a nursing cover. Don't freak out, this is for a friend. But I liked this project because it was quick and simple, and I got to work with boning for the first time (it's inserted to the 14" section at the neckline). I plan on making more of these in the future, so I'm glad I learned a few tricks about this project on my first time through.

Oh, it's reversible!
And the last craft is an earring holder! A very much-needed earring holder. They have been a mess forever, I could never find the pair I wanted when I needed it! But I didn't want the 5 year old kind from Claires.... so, I bought this frame at Wal-mart for $3. The netting in the back is a window screen from Home Depot I picked up for $1.25. And now I have a nice piece of glass! Hmm...
My life is definitely in better balance when there are crafts involved! Any ideas for new projects? What have been some of your favorites?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Nights and Weekends- PHOTO style!

So now that we both work full time, the nights and weekends have become the only time we can LIVE! I am trying to embrace the "living" in the workplace, but it's hard as an extrovert in a solitary environment. Scott's work is so social he has to put headphones in to deter people from chatting with him! Jealous. Anyway, back to "embracing nights and weekends," as Heather advises. Here's what we've been up to the last little while (In no particular order):

We played a few killer games of Pedro at the Kimball hotel where mom and dad stayed for conference.
My parents brought my diploma! I guess now it feels like I really graduated :)
Mom brought us tons of new games for our closet! We are the luckiest! Last Word is super fun if you've never played it!
We dyed Easter eggs!
With Emilie and Jake Cahoon,
And Steve and Jessica Marcum. Jess totally won the cutest dye job contest. There was pretty steep competition, but she definitely took the gold.
Emilie brought the BEST trifle. Scott loved it so much, I'm honestly surprised he hasn't gotten the recipe and left it under my pillow yet :)
FHE the night before was an easter egg hunt. I don't know who had more fun: Whitney (rockin' out), Craig, or Katrina ? :)
Here is the whole gang! What a fun flashlight hunt! Craig introduced us to finding the "black egg!"
People opened their eggs and traded candy like 5 year olds.
Here is Easter morning :) Scott introduced me to the tradition of hiding baskets. I got a great basket too (it had Dove in it, how could it not be great?) but my morning face isn't as cute as Scotts :) (I also got a pair of earring and a sweater I picked out but then lost track of like 3 weeks before. Sneaky, Scott. And, I got a coupon for popcorn at the movies. Turns out the Easter bunny is almost as cool as Santa!)
My cousins came over the other night. It was a such a great time! I just can't figure out if we are friends or family first? We just LOVE each other!
Look at that bottom portion! Allie is a PRO.
And Scott is... animated... who knew?
We spent an evening at Sundance with Dane and Korine. Korine LOVED her spice apple sucker. It was pretty snowy and cold.
This photo made enduring the cold worth it. After all the nature/waterfall/beauty pics I took while we were there, this one I snapped while walking to the car is my fav. Aren't the tree shadows Utah-esque?
Oh, this was at Easter dinner. THANK YOU Charlene for hosting! I didn't actually color eggs there, but a lot of people did, so for the sake of the family, here's the photo:
Oh, and this is a picture of the city we live in now. We try to get to Salt Lake as much as possible so we don't become podunk country folk. Wait until you see a pic of our "theater" where we saw Avatar the other night!
We had some friends over for dinner the other day. Apparently searing the pot roast is a smoky experience.
Josh And Katrina went climbing with us the other week. They are our very adventurous friends :) Hopefully we'll have some fun trips together this spring/summer!
Scott found this headdress (sp?) I brought him from Israel in his climbing bag. It worked well as a snow shield. Oh, did I mention it was SNOWING while we climbed? Yeah, not anxious to do that again.
Here is much of the Tanner family at Carson's baptism. What a special time that was to be with him and all our family. I especially loved when my dad and his 3 brothers sang. You can tell who the brothers are because their bald heads melt into the white background :)
My parents found this hidden treasure in SLC where we had breakfast before the Sat. am session of conference. Best (and cheapest) omelets and cinnamon rolls around!
We are almost done (Hallelujah), but how could I not include a few shots from the Hare Karishna festival of colors! I had never been, so this was definitely a new experience for me. We went with Marcie, and saw the Merrill sisters there too! (All from New Zealand).
Overall, we are having a great time and LOVE being married :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I know I haven't blogged forever...

My bad. A few things have come up lately. Like, making dinner, doing laundry, making the bed... you know :) But we have been partying harder than ever lately, so there are lots of fun pics to post. No promises that explanations will come with them though.

Also, I am finally taking this poll off the side bar, but i'd like to give a SHOUT OUT to all the people who voted that "YES" Anne of Green Gables is a "Classic." Because it is true. And the vote was 11-2 to prove it. Scott still doesn't believe. But at least now he knows he is in the minority.