Monday, December 14, 2015

Chloe Paige - 8 months Old

Little Miss is doing great!
She is our little love, and growing up every day!
Inspired by Tatum's Christmas photo shoot with the same tights, here are a few of Chloe girl:

She kills me.  Just love this little one! 

I have a feeling that blue wall is going to come in handy for photos with little blue eyes! 

Chloe is on an all-veggies diet (part of my "good child eaters" plan) and loves green beans, carrots and corn.  She still nurses 3-5 each day and loves going in the ergo on outings.  Anything she can find goes in her mouth, I vacuum at least every day if not multiple times a day! 

She is gaining more of a voice and wants to be more involved than she was at 6 months, but she still has a comparatively (to Tatum) calm demeanor and just loves any attention we give her.  Her hair is most definitely red, coming in just about the same shade as T girls.  We love our baby Chloe!!