Thursday, September 13, 2012


Dear Ruby,
You bring so much happiness to your dad and me!  You are the most happy with life in the mornings, and whenever your dad is holding you.  So cute.

This week, you had your 4 month checkup.  You see Dr. Glade for a few minutes alone, then we join other moms and babies to talk about your development.  All the other babies were quietly laying, cradled in their mother's arms.  But you were standing on my knees with your arms straight out and eyes wide WIDE open for the entire 45 minute meeting.  You've really discovered your voice this week, so you were happily screeching and babbling as well.  Dr Glade kept referring to you as the "active" or "discractable" child, and one time he even called you "spirited."

We would want you no other way :)
your momma

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Shawna said...

spirited--just like her mom!