Monday, October 1, 2012


I don't know why I post these to facebook, then to my blog too.  Waste of time.  I already had them uploading when I realized what a waste of time this was... but ANYWAY:

 One Handsome cowboy!
We fulfilled his lifelong (or maybe 6 year long) dream of riding horses in the Uintas!  And, his parents flew in the night before to surprise him! Party time!
 Christina gave him his favorite present: The remote control shark.  
He used it to terrorize our child, and greet people who knock at our front door.
Yeah, we've had some surprised visitors!
You never know what will happen when you come to the Hathaways!
 Korine was so sweet to watch Ruby while we drove up to Oakley to go riding.  Scott is part cowboy, in case you didnt know.

 We were perfectly matched with our horses.  Scotts was always the first in line, and never lets other horses pass him. My horse follows Scott wherever he goes, and has a bit of an attitude!  Too funny!
 Now SueAnn wants to buy her own horse.  She is a total natural!
 It was quite the trick to get all the horses lined up :)

 Best buds.

 Fish tacos for lunch- Scotts favorite!  Lone Star Taqueria is about the only Mexican place in Utah that we would be proud to take friends.
 And to end the birthday: Bonfire!
 Steaks, bubbly, and grilled corn. YUM!
 The party continued to Saturday when we went to the Heber Crater!
 R loved the swim too!

It's gonna be pretty hard to top this birthday party!  


Noelle said...

That was great! I really appreciate that you post them on your blog with a little bit more of the back story....happy bday to scott!

Elyse Marie said...

Love the birthday update! You guys are sooo cute. But I figure you're not too sick of hearing that so ;-)