Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Want to Know Why I Haven't Blogged in a Week?

No internet.  For 7 long days.  The internet kind of rocks my world.  
Anyway, we got it fixed tonight.  T was charming as ever with the repair man, toddling after him everywhere he went and waving "hi" and "bye bye" non stop.  I totally love her!  

This has been a good week.  Many frustrating moments-- 2 hours each day that I spent on the phone with the internet company, and possibly even worse than that:  The WIND.  It is seriously, seriously cold here.  The air is cutting me.  After walking 2 blocks you feel like you can't breathe--shortness of breath if you know what I mean.  You're probably wondering if I am dressing appropriately, and the answer is No.  I can wear all the sweaters and wool coats I want, but I need goose feathers.  This may all sound very dramatic, but it is true.  I've emailed a few trusty fashion consultants of mine as to which of my 2 best options are the better of the two bad (big black and puffy) choices.  Surely you will see the outcome in photos because I am sure that once my coat arrives, I will not take it off for approximately 5 months.    

In other news, T got caught up on her immunizations (FINALLY) which was a very traumatic experience for both of us.  I can officially eat my words about nursery because her first sunday was a fail-- she cried and screamed and regardless of my desire to go cold turkey, the nursery leader asked me to stay with her.  We will see what happens this next week. 

I spent way too much money on groceries this week partially because I didn't want to walk the 2 miles to the cheaper store (did I mention it is COLD?) and I bought juice for the first time since we've lived here.  Man is OJ delicious! 

Both Scott and I got callings in our church- we are a Relief Society teacher and an Elders Quorum teacher-- 2 of the very best callings in the church, in my opinion!  My first lesson is in 2 weeks, and I have no idea when Scott teaches.  

We are really liking it here.  

 It is pretty funny being here with all the tourists.  All these people stopped on a normal walking path to photograph
pigeons and squirrels.

HA!  And then I did too. (Just for the sake of this post, I assure you.)  I've been thinking of starting a weekly post called "UNBELIEVABLE" showcasing all the truly unbelievable things that happen here.  Really, it is unbelievable the things people do.

T and her BFF Fiona.  There was 1 more girl at church her age, but they are moving this month!  
 And, last but not least, Lambie and Blankie still run the show around our house.  
That's all for now!  It's time to go buy my coat :)


Tara said...

oh man, I haaate internet problems! Glad you got it fixed!
I'd love to see more posts about funny things/pictures tourists do. I saw some really, really funny things on the mall in DC, so I imagine you're enjoying some good laughs.
sorry about nursery. T might just be having a hard time because of all the changes in her life lately. I know H had a seriously rough time with nursery. Some of the stuff you say about Tatum really reminds me of her at that age :(

kp said...

oh I have a weakness for coat shopping--I'm trying really hard not to buy one this year. So I'm excited to see what you end up with.