Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brooklyn Day With Friends

She is kind of at the perfect age.  Still a few bad attitudes and tantrums, but overall happy and reasonable.  I know she loves ice cream, but she never hesitates to share half her cone with me!
 I took the water taxi back to Manhattan and it was a nice view and a fun ride.  Tatum really loves "WATER!!!"

 City girl in her element:
 She is getting more and more comfortable with her little friends.  What cuties!

The Big Egg Hunt is sponsored by Faberge... it happens every other year in various locations all around the world.  Actually, I think this year may just be the second time, it was hosted in London in 2012.  There are 260 giant eggs "hidden" throughout the city for people to find and report.  All 260 are designed by different artists and they are each very unique! Throughout the month-ish long hunt, I probably found 35-45 of the eggs, I need to go through my pictures and count! Brooklyn had some real winners!

I have this feeling that in 20 years, I'll look back at this summer we're now entering and really think "Those were the days!!"

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