Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Uncle Bryan Comes to NYC

He arrived around 9am Sunday, and I spent our first subway ride together blind hemming Tatum's dress.  And I thought other people do crazy things on the Subway...
 Here we are to see "SAURS!"  T really love Bryan's enthusiasm!
 I never really realized how funny our church halls are... stroller parking! 
One of the best aspects of Bryan visiting is that I never worried about taking pictures!  He did it all the time and I am so grateful!  All photos in this post were taken by Bryan!
 This book is a real page turner.  The #1 fave at our house.
 Are you serious?  These dog walkers are really smart businessmen too!  Getting paid by ALL the owners for the same walk!
 Checkin out Absolute Bagels!  T loves the flipped camera so she can see herself while we're taking it.  
 The little cheeser.  And, no matter if I'm with my brother or Scotts, people take us for married and call Tatum his daughter. 
 The entire first day we spent $2 each on food + dinner cooked at home!  Quite amazing if you ask me!
 Always busy.  And, I didn't realize what a better camera the iphone5 has than the 4s.  Its really nice. 
 And Monday night, the Yankees played the Mariners!!!  It was our first time to Yankee Stadium and so fun to root for our home team!  Mariners WON 10-2 and people did get mad at us.  Shocker.  Scott photobombed our first photo and the Aussie taking it for us said "Get out.  Husband come and go, Brothers are Forever!"  So we've had fun saying "Brothers are Forever" this week!
 The Toys R Us in Times Square is far more impressive than FAO Schwartz if you ask me... Tatum still shrieks with glee in hopes of riding the ferris wheel again!
 The reason she is happy in this picture is because she got a pack of fruit snacks.  Let's be honest.
 After a little detour, I finally got us to a highline entrance and boy was it worth it!
 I think this should be Bryan's new Tinder profile, yeah?  You don't know what Tinder is?  Well you should find out because it is amazing and super fun.  
 I will nothing less than thrilled to realize that my favorite dress from last summer doubles as a shirt this summer!  Best $5 I've ever spent!
 And just today before we sent Bryan off on his flight to Tel Aviv, we took him to San Pedros where we all fell in love with their horchata.  Especially Tatum.  It is realllly good.  And you feel a little wild drinking from a beer glass.
This wasn't even 1/4 of the things we did with Bry in just 3 days... so many photos!  We are really grateful he came to visit and hope he comes back again soon!  Which he may, on his return trip from Israel.  We will see!


Tara said...

I love the picture of the stroller parking! so funny!

Amy Hindman said...

She is so cute!! And I'm impressed that you did a blind hem on the dress. I'm way too lazy to do that :) My kiddos are lucky if I get out the matching thread these days

Bryan Tanner said...

What an incredible adventure! Thanks again Scott and Stef, so much, for making my time in NYC a dream come true! (I won't tell too many people what wonderful hosts you are—otherwise, everyone will want to stay the weekend with you and you'll never be able to take advantage of those JetBlue perks.)