Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Family Rules

No electronics for 45 minutes after dinner is served.  We've been doing this just over a week and it feels really good.  No phone, no computer, no TV, no nothing.  Just family time.  It's really great because we are focusing on Tatum and I've even been getting the dishes done right after dinner instead of letting them linger through the night or even until morning.

No social media/texting during church.  If you do it, you lose phone privileges all together the following week.  Meaning you have to lug your scriptures, and you probably won't know what time it is through church.  Also, its not just if the other person catches you, you have to report back after church and God knows if you did or didn't so don't lie.

So far, neither of us have lost our phones-- going two weeks strong.

And to end on a funny note, after watching a YouTube clip of Julia Child roasting a chicken, Scott says:  "Meryl (Streep) is better at being Julia Child than Julia is!  Heck!  Meryl's probably better at being ME than I am!"


Julie T said...

Well spoken! That part about Meryl Streep! She is an absolute genius. Mom and 92 Girl used to say her Danish accent in Out of Africa was as genuine as any Dane's they knew.

I am very proud of you and impressed you've committed to the electronics challenge! It's hard to start but a very worthy goal and I do think everyone benefits greatly! Balance in life (and a certain degree of self-deprivation) is an excellent thing! :)

kp said...

or you could just go back to a dumb phone, makes these things so much easier :)

Tara said...

Those are great ideas! There was a CES devotional in may that had great ideas, like putting your phone in airplane mode during church--all 3 hours. SUCH a good idea because you can still use the library app and the clock but not much else.

Chelsea said...

Love your new rules! :)