Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bump-Date at 32 weeks

I have made a pretty conscious effort not to talk/complain about the hardships of pregnancy this time around.  It does nothing good for me and gets old for everyone else.  But with that, I've noticed that I haven't said much at all about it, and it is worth documenting!  

Overall, this pregnancy has been very different than with Tatum.  Thank heavens!  Still not easy, but much better.  At this point, 32 weeks (so, 2 months to go...) I'm generally awake from about 2-5am-- I'm not too impressed.  I lay in bed at night thinking that caring for a newborn sounds so much easier than just tossing and turning, torturing myself with the unknowns of the future- like you know, where we'll live, and what on earth we will name this baby!  I didn't plan to use the sound machine I got for the baby for Christmas until the baby came, but it is actually coming in quite handy for me, drowning out some of the street noise.

I am trying really hard to keep all my normal commitments (playgroup, preschool, music class...), to get out of the house every day, and to set benchmarks to look forward to.  I was really worried about lifting the stroller on the subway stairs, but it's been less of an issue than I anticipated.  Basically, I physically can't lift it, so I either ask for help from a stranger (Which goes over WAY better when I unzip my coat so they can see my belly) or have Tatum get out and walk, while I carry the folded stroller.  Not convenient but not the end of the world.

Heres a little survey about this pregnancy that I've answered:

Weight:  The baby is estimated to be in the 80 percentile, so there is definitely growing going on!

Missing Anything: Laying/sleeping on my stomach. And taking very long, very hot baths. 

Favorite Moments: Relaxing in the tub for a few minutes, alone, a few times each week.  This is only ever achieved if I lock the door. It's the best!  

Eating: Iron pills 3x a day, and really loving stir fried veggies and also Mochi balls (Japanese rice/ice cream balls) from Trader Joes.  Not sure these things are pregnancy related, but still good!  Between anemia and hyperglycemia (sounds so intense) the doctor has told me to eat lots of steak and carry little candies with me always.  I won't complain!

Feeling: Tired. Always.  This anemia thing does a number of my energy levels and I feel like I could sleep for 8 hours during the day... just not at night.  At 29 weeks the baby was head down, but I swear she took a giant flip during a Broadway show the other night... so we will see how she's positioned at my next ultrasound at 36 weeks! 

Gender: Girl! We've retired half of Tatums headbands and made some new ones for this baby girl- I just can't control myself in those trimmings shops downtown!  T is excited to have a baby sister and to BE a big sister!

Names: The list is narrowed to about 30 names... we don't necessarily agree, but at least there is a list.  If it were up to me I'd have a name chosen and be testing it out by now ;)

Craving: Popscicles!  And some real sushi!  I think my first outing post baby will be to an all you can eat sushi bar.  

Maternity Clothes: Even many of my maternity clothes don't cover my belly completely anymore.  It's kind of unbelievable.  Thanks to Santa I do have lots more options this time around, including a black dress that gets me to church every week!

My Mood: Well, I feel fine but Scott says I am pretty crazy.

Exercise: I do yoga and stretch sporadically, but no real exercise regimen like I had last time.  Although, walking NYC is pretty good exercise!  Yesterday we logged 7 miles just being out for an afternoon.  

Excited About: All my newborn projects!  I'm trying to squeeze them in between New York Threads orders!  I am also irrationally excited to switch Scott sides of the bed so that he can be near the window that lets cold air seep in and is even louder than the other side. He ate a piece of my chocolate the other day and as penance we moved up our switch date by 6 days.  Score. 

Anything left to do: Oh yes, plenty. Though, I'm a lot more relaxed this time around, kind of figuring that whatever we need we can get once we need it...


Tara said...

Cute belly!! Maternity clothes come up short on me too in the 3rd tri. They just can't make those shirts long enough!

What's news in the job/moving scene??

Heather said...

You look great! I think walking around NYC is great exercise. Glad to hear you can get results with enlisting helpers by unzipping your coat! So sorry about the anemia, but bonus on the steak!

Jessica Holly said...

you look so darling!! Love it!

Julie T said...

Everything is so much easier the second time around! I'm glad that things are going smoothly and I am sure you will get your iron up and be able to come up with a beautiful name for your beautiful baby girl!

Noelle said...

These are so fun! I love your belly shots. You've got such cool scenery behind and you have the stance down!