Monday, April 27, 2015

How is Tatum Doing with the New Baby?

Tatum used to drink milk on her morning cereal, and not much more than that.  Now that Chloe is here drinking milk all day, Tatum insists on having about 6 cups a day!

On our second day home after getting ready for bed, Tatum said "Mama, Me Yours Bug!"  In Tatumspeak, that means "Mama, I'm your baby!!"

"Just follow me, Baby Chloe, I am your BEST teacher!" Too true, Tatum!

After watching me burp Chloe for about 30 seconds, Tatum wanders over, "I want to hit her too!"

Tatum was crying on the floor one afternoon, and then Chloe started crying too.  Scott told Tatum that Chloe is crying "because she is worried about you, Tatum!"  Now, when Chloe cries for any reason at all, Tatum leans over and whispers, "She's worried about me, mom."

Watching Chloe play on her back, Scott commented "Wow Chloe, you're such a little wiggle worm!"  Without even a second passing, Tatum shouts "I'M A WIGGLE WORM!" and proceeds to spasm her body showing us how wiggly she is too!

"I love babies so much! I just love you Baby Chloe!  Let me give you loves and kisses!"

(Enduring well, Chloe!)
After a 20 second explanation from my sister Heather via FaceTime, Tatum has taken to the idea of the Diaper Fairy and LOVES giving Chloe changes just so she can make the diapers "suddenly disappear!"

Overall, things are going well.  Tatum does need lots of attention, but she loves her sister and her new role too!  We are all navigating our new place in the family and I think it's going to work out just fine!


Heather said...

I am SO happy to hear that worked out well. That's going to be key for both of you. It's hard having a new baby usurp your role as star child. Your girls are both so precious.

Tara said...

Glad things are going well! Sometimes it's hard to deal with two kids crying at the same time. It all passes and your capacity increases. What's news on jobs and moving??

Elise said...

Stefanie, congratulations to you all! Chloe is so precious, and Tatum is just looking so grown up. They're going to be the best of sisters!

Chelsea said...

I'm glad you're recording these moments!

Noelle said...

The diaper fairy is the greatest thing ever. I'm so glad Tatum caught on. "I want to hit her too!" Too funny.

Marianne & Eddie said...

Have I mentioned yet how much I LOVE the name Chloe?? It's on my short list- so feminine and beautiful! Your girls are precious.