Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Few Thoughts

Chloe is a MONTH old!  Where on earth has the time gone?!?  I feel like the next few weeks and months will fly by too, and she'll be 6 months before I know it!!  She is really good at eating, and being cute, which are the two main duties of an infant.  Still working on the sleeping bit (I was so spoiled with Tatum!) but I am committed to helping her learn to self soothe.

We are leaving NYC in just over two weeks!  It has really crept up on us. We have loads of packing to do.  I'm still hoping that the next renter in our unit will want to buy a few furniture pieces off of us!

We commuted well over an hour to get to the Bronx zoo. Not because we love the Bronx Zoo, but because we wanted our free Wildlife Conservation passes that let us into the Central Park Zoo, and the Aquarium in Coney Island.  We can use our new IDNYC identification cards to give us access to all these places, free for a year.  But you can only redeem your pass on a printed card given only at the Bronx Zoo.  Scott called the day before to ensure that this was the process and that all was well to redeem our passes.  So after walking, training and bussing, we arrive, approach the gate, and are then notified that the person who does that is at lunch, "Sorry."  Ha!  Yeah right.  We are not waiting with two kids in the hot sun for an hour+ because someone is at lunch.  Scott was fierce from the beginning, "Well luckily there are 8 employees standing around over there, let's call one of them over to print our passes."  Meanwhile I'm murmuring that you catch bees with honey... "Be nice Scott!" One thing led to another and the manager came, saying that the entire zoo, not just this entrance is out of the plastic cards, and there is absolutely nothing they can do to help us.  There are many others in our same situation, travelled far with young kids, but until the order of plastic cards arrives (in a few weeks) they just can't help us.  We specifically asked if any of the other entrances had cards and the manager herself assured us that the entire park was out.  They ran out yesterday.  So they let us into the zoo free for the day, but our whole purpose in going to the zoo was foiled.  At the first exhibit we went to, there was a customer service desk. Scott approached the girl and said "Customer service... maybe you can serve me!  I am trying to get a Wildlife Conservation pass, could you call the other entrances and see if there are any cards available?"  A 30 second phone call later, she had found 3 remaining cards and put them on hold for us.  We ran like crazy people to the opposite entrance and got the passes!  What a thrill! Scott just never lets up and he makes things happen!  Love that man of mine!

I can't believe Scott is a Master!  Really proud of him for all his hard work this past 2 years.  He really comes alive when he is in his field, specifically training and team development-- I am so grateful that he has really found his niche and hope he always loves his profession as much as he does now!  It feels like such a perfect fit for him and for our family.

That's it for now, but I just drafted posts about my thoughts on leaving NYC and a 1 month update on our little Chloe Baby!

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