Tuesday, September 15, 2015

General Update

Things are going well here in Santa Clara.  We feel so so blessed to be in a house, where we use and love our garage and backyard.  Like I said before, the place is old but it is perfect for us.  We had our first friends over last week and it felt good to host again!

We took a little trip to Yosemite to get in touch with nature.  It felt reallllly good to be camping and living in the land.  We took some great hikes, had some great picnics, and swam in some really great places.  We also rode bikes through the valley which was a highlight for all.  Tatum became a "Junior Ranger" through the parks program, and just loved every part of camping.  She loves "being together with all my family" so camping and even sleeping together was really amazing for her.

(Ive tried to upload photos several times to no avail, so I'll be posting this blog sans photos.  The pictures of Yosemite are really fun, so maybe I'll work on it more later...)

I am getting involved with the moms in my area, and keeping busy exploring new parks and things to do with the girls.  I find it really interesting that we have chosen the two most expensive and diverse areas in America to live.  Tonight at the park, Tatum was the only caucasian and I overheard the other kids asking each other where they were born and what languages they speak.  Such an amazing world!  We are grateful and excited for our girls to be in an area where people are different from them and gain a world view.  

Tatum earns pom poms for good behavior and her jar is almost full!  She is practicing listening and becoming more independent through this jar program.  For the first time ever, she is getting dressed on her own and making her bed without being asked.  She loves smoothies as much as I do, so when she begs nicely every morning I can't help but comply ;)

Sharing a car has proven difficult a few times now, but we are grateful to have a car at all!  But a double stroller would be realllly great so I don't have to wear Chloe and push T when we walk long distances together when we have errands and events to do while Scott has the car.  Tatum is a really good walker, but there were about 5 times last week alone when I would have used a double stroller if I'd had one.  That list of items to buy once we have a paycheck is reallllly growing!  One day we will get the lawn chairs out of our front room too!

We just got home last night from a fun week in Bellingham and Seattle!  We so look forward to our times in Bellingham where T learns SO MUCH from following Jake and Autumn around.  Not to mention the fun Noelle and I have together!  After our time there, we drove down to Seattle to celebrate my parents' 60th birthdays.  It was a big hit and fun to have a change of pace.  Every time we come back to our house here in California it feels more and more like home.

More blogging and photos next time!


Noelle said...

We loved having you!!! You are welcome any time!

Claire said...

I think a double stroller totally trumps getting chairs haha.

Chelsea said...

Good update! :D Glad you have a home!