Monday, April 19, 2010

A Story From Saturday

What a weekend. I didn’t take many pictures, but we did do some fun things. We went to REI (we're happy owners of the "Half-dome 2" tent!) and Nordstrom Rack, had a Jerusalem BBQ and organ concert, I went to a bridal shower and Scott did a lead-climb on a multi-pitch route with his friends, we had my cousins over Sunday evening, and of course, we cleaned the house. Here is a great story from Saturday:

Saturday morning I got in the shower about 9:15. I guess I just assumed that we share a water heater with the rest of our building (which we don’t) and I got into a cold shower, swearing I would never let it get so late that I missed the hot water again! I got out freezing, and telling Scott of my Asian-like cold water experience.

After rock climbing, Scott went to get in the shower and the water never got hot. Instead of just getting in like I did, Scott went out to the water heater only to find a crack in the pipe, and a huge puddle of water that had killed the ignition light or something. So he called our landlord Barbara. She immediately called Les, and within 10 minutes, he was at our door, arms full with a tool kit and a wet/dry vac. About 5 minutes after Les had gotten to work, Barbara showed up with a loaf of bread from Kneaders to apologize for the inconvenience. She stayed and fawned over our wedding pictures, told us about her kids, and talked with me about sewing projects J

So in a matter of literally 30 minutes, we discovered the problem, made the call, and had the heater fixed, with a nice visit and a loaf of Kneader’s bread ta boot!

Oh the glories of renting!!!


Whit said...

Oh my gosh! A-MAZING! That is over and above kindness!

Julie T said...

I think you well may be the winners of the Best Landlords in the Land contest! :)

Noelle said...

Yum, kneaders. :)