Friday, April 23, 2010

My would-be graduation day...

First of all, I am just so glad that I walked for graduation in August instead of today. I finished my degree in December, so I had the choice to walk 4 months early, or 4 months late. Since my dad was in town and I felt “practically done,” I wore the cap n’ gown in August. Today is a very windy/rainy day so now I am especially glad we took care of all that commencement business in the SUN! Plus, now I have a job where I earn money, so the opportunity cost is definitely greater now. I think I mentioned in that picture post that my parents brought my diploma to me earlier this month. So I guess I’m just feeling pretty proud today. That’s the bottom line. Here are some pics I don’t think I posted in August, that I still think are pretty funny :)
Gotta LOVE Grandpa photobombing!!! And it was so cool to have Sarah there!!!
My dad has now had all 4 kids graduate from BYU. I think he was maybe more proud than I was for myself!

All my family that came to support. What good times!

See, look what a sunny day it was! I really loved my job at the Center for Service during 3 years of college. These are some of my fav coworkers and Casey, the Director.

It's crazy to think that Scott and I weren't even engaged at this point! I'm so grateful he was there for such a monumental event.


Julie T said...

Congratulations, today! And every day on all your accomplishments. You are just a girl who doesn't let any grass grow under her feet! I was going to say thank you for being so understanding with BG being up here and not being able to come down. I'm so glad Dad was able to have all four of his children graduate from BYU. I know he's a proud papa! Love Grandpa, the photobomber!

dixiewhitehead said...

You looked beautiful. Congrats on the graduation! How sweet that Scott could be part of the festivities.

NatalieD said...

You could always get your masters degree and graduate again.

Mindy said...

Fun pictures! You were definitely one of my fav coworkers too :)