Saturday, May 15, 2010

What What it's the WEEKEND!!!

Last weekend we went on an adventure. After morning chores and waffles, we put on our flip flops, grabbed our sunnies and packed the car with water, tennis shoes, coats, card games, and a our swim suits... just in case. Then we got in the car and just drove. Here's what happened:
We found ourselves in the Uintas- just outside of Kamis. (Sort of a long drive, good thing we had Scott's "What What it's the weekend!" CD playing!)
We ate chicken and played Gin in the back. Luckily the vibe is a hatchback! After lunch, we head for the river. First we have the little river. This is where I claim to have won the stick race. It was practically a tie :)
We hope it will be a long time until we bust out our coats again!
We later found the Provo river (all the way past Kamis!) and just enjoyed laying around on the rocks. They kind of felt like a massage in my back. It was so great to soak in the SUN!
On the way back, we stopped at Dairy Keen to split a raspberry shake. I will NEVER pass up an opportunity to get a shake in Heber. They are the BEST!

Then we went to the boys' (read: The Fab 5) baseball game. We stayed for a while then headed to baby Azelea's birthday party. She turned one! The cherry blossoms were perfect, and the watermelon tasty!
We even had a live band there! How awesome is that?

So we didn't end up using our swim suits last Saturday, but it was quite the eventful day! I'm lucky Scott is such a spontaneous, fun guy!!!


Heather said...

What what? You sure got a great guy. I remember those childless weekends where you could do whatever you want. Soak it all in, guys. Love it.

Whit said...

How fun! I LOVE Dairy Keen! We need to go soon!!

Margene said...

That was a fun weekend trip. Enjoy them all and maybe next time you will use your swimsuit.

Shawna said...

This is inspiring! Lee and I need to do the same!