Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heather's Big Day!

Today is my oldest sister Heather's birthday. She is great for a LOT of reasons, but today she is great because she gave me a wake up call for work today! Scott and I were still asleep, but luckily she returned my call at 7:35am this morning, so we weren't late for work- wow, that was a close one!
Here are some other reasons why Heather is the AWESOMEST:

1. She used to have dates with me in the mini-closet of the closet when we were kids. One person was in charge of bringing a game, the other in charge of sneaking a snack. I think we were equally good at the second job :) What fun times!

2. Heather always let me hang out with her and her high school friends. She is a very inclusive person and spends her time helping others feel involved.

3. Heather has inspired me to always have people over for Sunday dinner. Even when you don't have extra money laying around to feed friends (read: living on med school loans, or in my case, newlywed) you just do what it takes to have people over at least 1/week.

4. Heather is really good at talking sense into people. She is reasonable when I am unreasonable. And she is good at helping me see when and where I am wrong, and how I can tactfully apologize, even when I don't want to.

5. Heather is a creative GENIUS. I have never seen someone illustrate so effortlessly or come up with such innovative ways to teach kids how to read or have fun doing their jobs. Go Whitehead Wildcats!

These are the only 2 photos I could find (that's not true, but the third was UGLY) during my last 2 minutes of lunch break today. Makes it seem that Heather is on the phone a lot!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER- Here's to another GREAT year!


NatalieD said...

You were blessed with a great biggest sister, and she is lucky to have a sister like you! (Plus, Noelle is awesome, too!)

Heather said...

Aw shucks, Stef. Thanks! I did want to catch you before work, so glad I could help out on the wake up front. I think it only looks like I'm on the phone in the top pic. Just doing something weird with my hands. Can't wait to see you in two short months. Tell Scott to get prepared.

Margene said...

It is great to have a great sister or sisters like you have. I think they are also glad to have you as a sister, too.

Chelsea Owens said...

Good sisters are the greatest! Ok, bad sisters are pretty cool too. hehe