Saturday, July 17, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

I had big plans for this post. But due to our unreliable internet and busy schedule, I think I better just get these pics up and this post out of my "drafts" box. Our the fourth of July weekend, we saw:

The weather was perfect for our weekend in Wyoming and Montana! Woot woot for Yellowstone!

Just this week, I have had 3 dreams about this turkey, avacado croissant sandwich. It was a DREAM. Really, a dream!

We ate lunch at the Grand Teton lodge, beautiful scenery, and lots of "Japanese-tourist people watching!" They were thrilled to wear their American flags on the fourth of July!

This was taken during our hike around Jenny lake. We would TOTALLY recommend it to anyone going to Teton National Park. We took a boat over, then went up about a mile to the lookout! 2 miles roundtrip with mountains, a lake, waterfalls, and blue skies,
yes please!

The first night we stayed at a campground just outside Jackson Hole. This pic was taken right after we met our first bison. I wish I had the patience to load the video clip of that because Scott was VERY excited :)

A ranger told us this is the most photographed barn in America or something. I don't know about that, but it is pretty picturesque, eh?

Our first night, we saw this "shootout" in downtown Jackson hole. I'm sure many of you have been to this show, it goes on every night at 6pm. For like 15 year or something crazy. It was pretty cheesy, well, extremely cheesy. But, what can you do?

The gift shop employees told us that it is primarily the foreigners who buy the animal skins. How do I look in mink?

My frog prince :)

The first night of camping was better than the second. After a few excursions with the tent, we can now get it up in under 3 minutes (If we focus, that is).

(again, Sorry these pics are out of order, but I'm practically positive my internet will go out any moment so I won't take the time to organize the photos.) Anyway, the gurgling hot pots! How cool is that! Scott was scared to use toilets in Yellowstone, just sure that thermal activity would shoot up out of the ground!

On the third morning, we probably saw over 30 bison! One crossed the street right in front of our car!


Amazing how different the mountain range can look at different times of day! Also, I LOVE my camera. And more especially my lenses.
We planned to stay in a motel in West Yellowstone our second night, but EVERYTHING was over $90, so we just couldn't justify it. All the campgrounds in the park were full, and everything outside the was full too!

After being rejuvinated by a few shots of chocolate (aka: melted Hershey's) we found a random, privately owned campground where I crashed the Staff holiday BBQ to act desperate and beg for a site/spot to pitch our tent. Well, in the end, he gave us one, but it was WAY overpriced, and didn't even have a fire pit. It was still ~5 hours 'til dark and WINDY as heck. So,we de-pitched our tent (to the wonder of our neighbors) and drove ourselves right back into Yellowstone. All the gate attendants and park rangers told us we'd have to drive to Idaho to find somewhere to sleep, all the camping and hotels were full (except 1 $580/night suite...). Well, we drove to Canyon Campgrounds and I approached the office:

"I know you're sign says you are full, and I know it is the fourth of July, but I just wanted to ask if there have been any last minute cancellations or recent changes." Next thing I know, we gave her $20 and a license plate number, and we had ourselves a prime spot on the outside loop, fire pit n' all!
The dehydrated Spaghetti and meatballs was really pretty good! Scott loved the ORANGE thermal activity. Those boardwalks were so wild!
So there you have it. A weekend away with Scott and Stefanie Hathaway.

Stay tuned for a post about Scott's "Tour De Donut" bike race! He is relaxing and protein-loading as I type...


Heather said...

what an incredible weekend. Incre-DI-bi-le!

Wish we lived closer and could drag all the kiddos around forcing them to enjoy nature like we do. Mebbe next year.

Loved those two mnt. profile shots at different times of day. Reminds me that my camera is old, and I would really love a new lens.

Escobar Family said...

so we are following in your foot steps this summer. seems the holiday after...we go where you went. next weekend for the 24th we are going to yellowstone! we'll have to chat about what we need to see. you guys are so so so fun!

Suzy said...

I've been to Jenny Lake!!! So glad someone else came upon that gem. I wholeheartedly second the recommendation. It is so calm and peaceful. :)

Shawna said...

A lovely, wild weekend! The pictures are beautiful. I haven't been to Old Faithful since I was 10--time for me to go back!

NatalieD said...

Yellowstone and Jackson Hole are two of my most favorite places. Next time you go to Jackson, make sure you see the Bar J Wranglers.