Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orem Rehab Dance

We had quite the time at the dance party Friday night. There was a disco ball and all! Scott was quite the ladies man:

Here's a close up. She loved her hairpiece, and had her nails painted for the occasion :)

Most of the residents stayed seated in their chairs, so "dancing" constituted a lot of arm swinging!

This woman told me that Angie is her "favorite person in the whole wide world."

Oh Barbara! She loved dancing with Scott!

Thella. Oh the stories. Well all I have to say is that I'm so impressed Angie can understand her!

See the disco ball now?

I met a deaf man and we spent a good 1/2 hour chatting in sign. It is SO SO fun to connect with people through sign language. I remembered so much in just that short practice time!


Heather said...

What fun! It makes me want to teach the kids some fun songs and bring them into the old folks home to share.

Shawna said...

That's really great that you could sign with your new friend! Looks good. And happy birthday to Scott, too!

Margene said...

what fun. Happy birthday scott. sounds like married life is great for you both