Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi Folks!
It's been a while...
You know what's funny? I consider myself a blogger. But I better stop since I only post about once a month these days!

We are both doing great- lots of projects and parties going on.
I had some killer Valentines parties a few weeks back (pictures to come)
and Scott hosted our annual oscars party.
It gets better each year. This year we had not only unlimited Martinellis, but a shrimp platter as well. Talk about fancy :)

I feel like I am kind of just running from one crisis to the next.
Not necessarily "crisis" but it's just like I have so many -what i consider- urgent things to do that maybe I am not always doing the most important things.
I need to sit down and re-evaluate.
I think tonight is the night.

I have eaten an entire bag of baby carrots while writing this blog post. Wow.
And of course, we have not really missed a chance for an adventure. Never with Scott around! It turns out I can ice skate, snowshoe and cross country ski, even while growing a baby. Times are GOOOOOOOOOOD :)


Sandra & Brent said...

So glad to hear from you, Stefanie. Sometimes, it's just plain hard to get your thoughts and feelings down "on paper" . . . at least it's hard to do it with brevity. In the words of Inigo Montoya "there is too much to 'splain . . . let me sum up!" I think that's what you did in this post. I'm glad that to hear that "times are goooood". Thanks for posting (summing up)!

Kimberly Moore said...

Ok we NEED to get together! There just aren't enough people around here that love an adventure or a classy party like we do!

AND we need to talk about SE Asia. Plans are in the works. :)

Heather said...

wow - I need some shrimp 'n snowshoein'! Good to see you posting. When's the last day??

Noelle said...

I still can't believe you snowshoed 4 miles pregnant. Wowie!