Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A little update

Can I just say how great it is to sleep on my stomach again?  It is GREAT!  Labor/Delivery was a piece of cake compared to pregnancy.

Life is good.  Our little Ruby is learning how to eat, play, then sleep.  She hardly fusses for any of her visitors.  Ruby falls asleep every time we start driving, and she loves going hiking in the Bjorn.  We try to get her out and about every day.  I want her to know when it is day and when is night- she doesn't seem to be paying attention, but her internal rhythms must be catching on, right?  Plus, getting her out will hopefully expose her to some of the pollens and just enough dirt in the air to get her immune system strong.  She's got to be ready for summer travel in just a few weeks!
photo credit: Richelle Bozung

Maybe my favorite part of the day is watching Daddy come home and go straight for his baby girl.  They are very cute together!

I am keeping busy as ever.  Between keeping the house clean, planning and shopping for meals, getting together with friends, and of course, nursing, holding and playing with my baby girl, the days seem to fly by!  Well, I'm off to get ready for her doctor's appointment.  Little Ruby got busted for not returning to her birthweight by week 2.  We had the weekend to fatten her up before she gets weighed today.  Wish us luck, hopefully she has gained!


Heather said...

i love daddys and their little girls!

Suzanne Asay said...

You're so smart to get her out and about! She is adorable.

Chelsea Owens said...

Oh you lovely lady with your beautiful family! I'm so happy for you!