Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ready to Go!

The neighbors must think we are crazy.  We go for about an 1.5-2 hour walk every night between about 7 and 9.  Lots of the ward are out in their yards or at the park.  It's the same every day, "No baby yet?"  

I don't really know what to say because obviously there is no baby or Scott wouldn't be dragging my big belly across the parking lot again!

I have tried almost every wives tale in the book.
- Walk one foot on the curb one foot off
- Eat spicy food
- Pray for a storm to roll in and change the barometric pressure
- Yoga gravity pose
- Meditation and visualization
- Bumpy car rides
- Marching stairs
- Bouncing on an exercise ball
- Telling the baby "it's okay to come out now."

We left yesterdays doctor's appointment a little discouraged.  I'm not as far along as I hoped (well, I was wishing for a 10!) and we have a scheduled induction for next Tuesday.  NEXT Tuesday.  Going in, I was committed to not wrestling through one more night, and then I left with a week to go.  It is obviously best for the baby to come on her own, but really?  She's taking forever.  Hopefully I won't have to wait another week, but she will come this week on her own.  I'm thinking Cinco de Mayo sounds like a really great day.  This baby has always loved Selena...

I feel like I have lots of things coming to the hospital with us... doesn't that look like a lot?

My bag.  Diaper bag with Baby's things.  Car seat and breast pump.  Boppy.  
Hopefully I will use these things SOONER than later!


Claire said...

I love reading this and seeing kind of what it feels like to be so close! I can't even imagine, hope she comes soon!

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

Good luck! I was scheduled to be induced and I think it scared the little guy and he decided to come on his own- maybe it will work for you too:)

Or you could try this:

Amy said...

I didn't see castor oil on your list! That's what did it for Olivia :) Just whipped up a milkshake, added it in there and 2 hours later...I was in labor! Crazy that it actually worked. Luckily I didn't have the "side effects" with it...not sure if it's really worth it if that's the case :)

But I was induced with my boys and all went well! We're excited for you guys and can't wait to see pictures of your little girl!

Whit said...

Woohoo! It's game time!

Whit said...

Woohoo! It's game time!

Tara said...

good luck! I was induced both times and I really liked it waking up in the morning and knowing the baby would be born that day for sure! The last little bit is so miserable...I remember it all too well because it was just three weeks ago!

Sandra & Brent said...

Keep in mind that they're a lot easier to take care of inside, than out! I know that you're feeling anxious to get that little girl here . . . I know the feeling very well but she'll be here in no time and before you can even blink she'll be off to college. Really!

kp said...

the storm one is legit, so keep praying! You have 12 hours left to get here before I leave on vacation :)

NatalieD said...

Enjoy the journey.