Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Scott is doing Top Chef University's culinary school.  He comes home every day so excited to do his next lesson!  I just have to be sure I stay up on the ingredients list.

I have been getting ready for the holidays... travel itineraries, Christmas shopping, making outfits and other paraphernalia for Ruby.

Ruby had 2 teeth break through this week!  She is pulling herself up to standing position against everything in sight: dishwasher, kitchen table, mirrors, dresser... you name it, she is UP!  Her 6 month appointment went great, she is growing well and the doctor even said she is highly intelligent (based on her ability to self soothe and being ahead of the curve in terms of mobility.)  She crawls across the room in 20 seconds; The Hathaway family now has a fully functional baby gate.

Times are good.
Minus the FREEZING weather :)


kp said...

I haven't seen little T crawl! I need to see this!

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

Way to go Tatum! We're still toothless here and Will just barely started making some progress in the mobility department. He can army crawl. Backwards :)

Noelle said...

I have an idea, you and Scott come up here and we can give him his final exam for cooking school. I am a great adjudicator.