Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday Festivities

We have a birthday girl in the house!
We started off early with confetti pancakes!

 Then, presents throughout the day.
Since we don't have a house, we tried really hard to keep the gifts to a minimum. Her fav present was a box of kleenex from Uncle John anyway... she whipped them out so fast and had a marvelous time!
If we lived in Pleasant Grove, you better believe I would have had the clubhouse decked out Pinterest style for her party.  But, since we're away and sort of have a lot going on, we decided to just do a family day at the beach and focus on our little love, instead of all the logistics of a huge party.  
 Tacos from Whole Foods.  Win.
 She got a sand and water kit from Grandma which was a big hit!
 Tickle Torture!

  We had to leave her bouncy ball in Costa Rica... she was happy to get a replacement!

And then it was time for the cake smash:


I am not going to post a photo of the cake I copied...
Because they hare very few similarities.
Mine is much gobbier and less precise.  The ombre cake I was going for was really cute.  
At least the glitter topper sort of jazzes it up :)

We were so happy to have some of the Tanner fam join us for the smash.  The Wheats and Grandma Tanner, in town from Utah!

As you can tell, she got more and more interested as she went.  We are so in love with our sweet girl.  May she gain more sweetness and less sass in the coming year :)

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