Sunday, August 25, 2013

Photo Overload: Week 1 NYC

Scott was wondering why I haven't blogged much lately...
The answer is because we haven't had internet.
But that has changed.  We are finally connected! If you follow me on Instagram then some of these will be repeats.  But, you'll get a little more detail about our life here in the Big Apple here on the blog!

We live off the 145th stop.  It's farther north than we planned on or hoped for, but it is working out splendidly.  We are only 2 stops from Columbia for Scott and right beside Riverside Park, offering Tennis, swimming pool, playgrounds, splash pad and a walking trail.  By living this far up on Manhattan we also get a little bigger space and nicer kitchen for the money.  
 T is getting used to the train.  She flaps her arms with excitement when the train approaches, and she loves riding out of her stroller so she can look out and hold on.. more pics to come.

This is the best news I know about moving to New York.  They sell Pop Corners at my local grocery store- Fairway!  These chips are so delicious!  They are gluten free and fairly healthy... and they cost $1.50.  I was first introduced to Pop Corners on a Jet Blue flight.  I have since taken at least 3 bags on every subsequent flight, and have even paid a bit more to fly Jet Blue just for the option of having Pop Corners.  They are that good.  My favorite is the Kettle variety.  
 Scott had us to Chinatown in our first week.  It was pretty fun and pretty crazy.  I'd say its a very good China Town, but nothing beats San Fransisco.  We ran into the sister missionaries, one of which who was on Day 1 in the field.  She looked a bit nervous, but quite happy to be there. The hand pulled noodles at this Yelp recommended shop were worth coming back for.  But maybe in the winter since hot soup on a hot day was a very hot experience.
 We've stopped by Central Park as often as we can.  There are always new parts to explore and many people to watch. I love this little outfit on T.  All from the Old Navy clearance section for $4 total. Win!
 The girl runs away so fast and does not look back for us.  There is no such thing as a relaxing day at the park for us- we're always chasing her around!

 We met up with our friends Josh and Katrina and their son Ryker this week.  They live in Long Island but come to the city quite often, so we're looking forward to hanging with them a lot! Ryker and T are so sweet together.  He'll do anything for the camera and T just loves the attention.  He was following her around trying to rub her shoulders and give hugs.  

 Later at the fountains at Bryant Park he would run and slide along the slick ground, making T laugh and laugh and laugh.  They are so cute together!
 Poor baby woke up with new bites almost every day this week.  She has been miserable because of them, to say the least.  

 Look at that knee!
 We called our super to come look for bed bugs.  We actually really trusted him, he showed up with gear and talked like and looked like he knew what he was doing.  We found a spider under her mattress and decided the rest of the bites must be mosquitos.  We've closed windows more (hard since it is Soooo hot!) gotten screens, and trapped the spider.  Things are going much better now.  And we are all relieved not to have bed bugs!

We lost Lambie for about a day and a half.  T carried her off and we couldn't find her to save our lives.  Llama had to fill in- she wasn't lambie, but did calm T down in desperate times. Lambie has since been found (buried in a box) and we are determined to never loose her again.  Im making lambie a leash.
 We ran to Home Depot the other night (by ran, I mean 45 min across town) to get those screens for the windows.  It is so funny how you enter on street level, and then every floor down has different stuff, like a department store.  We are happy to have a Home Depot in the city, just getting used to multi-level places, and trying to get our heads around where we can find a few stores like this near each other.  
 The Big Apple. T was mesmerized by the Apple Store at night.  And so were we.

 Here she is, holding on!  It is so wild how fast she learns what to do and how to act.  Whenever we ride sans stroller, she insists on holding onto the bar, just like all the other passengers.  City girl.
 Fashion is a big deal here. We all knew that, but really.  Its a big deal.  I feel like I need some Oxfords to even show my face in the city.  I'm not in love with these, anybody know of a cute pair for a decent price??
 I found Zabars on a fluke when we were here in May.  Turns out it is a really great resource for cheeses and meats.  It's nice that it is right on our train line and within walking distance from Central Park.  I see lots of fun times ahead!  Next time we just need to remember to pack our sheathed knife! (Best gift ever, Kristen!)
 Playgrounds are everywhere in Central Park, and T is at a great age to run free and enjoy.  And you better believe she always picks the steepest slides and wants to swing higher and higher!
After the park, we stopped by the Met to see a few exhibits.  The Civil War Photography exhibit is leaving soon, so we went there first.  It was pretty amazing.  We also went to the Roman section, Egypt, Oceana and Africa.  T like Africa the best, identifying all the parts of the face on their masks and carvings... in the future we hope to go without a baby, as keeping her quiet is almost an impossible task.
 Here's my little cutie in the kitchen.  She feels like such a big girl with her apron on.  Sewing these with Noelle at "Sewing Camp" last month (was that really just LAST MONTH??) was super fun, and I love knowing that all 4 of us have matching aprons.  T's main role in the kitchen is to cry for food, dump out all the pots and pans and/or unlock the dishwasher and pull out all the knives.  Let's just say our hands are full.  
 Just a few hours ago we took a Sunday night stroll down to the Hudson river.  It is really nice weather this weekend and we are trying to enjoy.  All these pics make it seem like we're out a lot, but really we spend 70% of our day unpacking and trying to get settled.  It is really hard to get settled without a car.  We can't just go to Wal Mart and get a bookcase.  No such thing as running to grab a few things at Target.  All these take time, planning and a lot of effort.  I think we'll be in good shape once our place is put together... hopefully we'll be all done this week!


Kimberly Moore said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this update!! Looks like your making the best of every situation! Can't wait to see your place all pulled together :)

Elise said...

Looks like you're going to love it there! Good luck and enjoy it! And so sorry to hear about Scott's Dad.

Tara said...

Ah the city life! Some things are definitely harder! It will get better and it will become your new normal.

I always forget that T is the same age as my K. Definitely a handful right now! It's really cute to see how much they pick up on, like holding the bar. Hailey was only 18 months when we moved to DC and she looved holding the bars in the metro, even though I was sure we were going to get so sick from it!

Heather said...

This is incredible! You guys are so lucky to be there. Sorry about the bug bites, they looked horrible, poor T.