Thursday, August 8, 2013

John Hathaway

Scott's dad John passed away last Thursday morning.  
He has fought multiple myeloma cancer for 5 years and worked hard through it all.  John was a fighter, and continued his construction business, church calling, and even travelled to Alaska and Fiji since his diagnosis.  
One of our fondest memories with John was this past September when he and SueAnn came to Utah to surprise Scott for his birthday.
We had the best day riding horses in the Uintas and enjoying fish tacos together before our campfire up AF canyon. 
 Some of the qualities we plan to teach Tatum about her Grandpa Hathaway are:
-The value of hard work
-Finishing a job
-Doing it right
-Selfless service, and
-Giving/sharing with those in need.

We had the funeral service on Saturday morning, just two days after his passing.  The ward was incredibly helpful with making arrangements and coordinating the logistics of doing it so quickly.  The Circle City ward in Corona really knows what it means to be a ward family and has such a strong sense of community. Our family was so amazed at the outpouring of love and support from all our family and friends.  We couldn't believe how many people drove in (on just 1 day notice!) and brought flowers, food, gave help cleaning, setting up tables, decorating... the list goes on and on.

We will miss you, Grandpa Hathaway!


Julie T said...

Such a beautiful tribute! I too, am really glad you got to have such a great time together last September; and to know that you are thinking about how to teach Tatum about all the good things her grandpa represented!

Whit said...

We love you guys! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family!