Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Play Group

We have an awesome mom's group here in Harlem.
My very first Sunday, one mom told me "Oh don't worry at all, there is lots of help and no drama-- we NEED each other here!"
Most everyone is far from family, have husbands who are gone working crazy NY hours, and the moms really stick together.  

We have a few standard meetings each week, one of which is playgroup. During the summer we do fun activities or meet at the park, but all winter long we go apartment to apartment- everyone squeezing in and leaving strollers outside.  I volunteered to host this week, and we had such a good turn out and such a good time!  
We had a photo booth which I had (not high) hopes for, a marshmallow hunt which was a huge hit, and heart shaped, pink rice krispie treats.  We had between 25-30 people here, and once it got too crazy, it was time for everyone to go home for lunch and naps!  Perfect!

It was a little too crazy to get everyones photo, but here are a few cute ones:

I ended up taking T's pic just today at 2pm.  I'd kind of given up on the idea of doing Valentines photos, but seeing everybody else's inspired me to do her hair and get it done.  Nothing too special, but it is fun to do something festive to mark time passing.


gwt said...

Great Shots! I am so glad you have the Mom's group. T looks so happy. Glad you are surviving the snow and ice!

Tara said...

moms groups are life savers!