Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SoCal in January

We  planned to come home to NYC after our ~12 days in Washington state.  But the day before our flight was the great storm of 2014--- meaning the airline offered us the opportunity to change our route at no fee.  So since we had finally just gotten T adjusted to the time change, and since we were already in the west, and since Scott's school didn't start until later in the month, we thought it was a good time to head to SoCal. 
It only took me about 30 seconds after getting in the car to be sure that this was a good idea!

 The patio in the backyard is really, really great.  So much outdoor living space!
 We were excited to connect with our friends Rob and Jacque and Dane and Korine who were in town too!  Vaughn is really putting the moves on Tatum.  California fling!
 We went out for a game of bocce ball after church.  That's right, a measuring tape and all!  We are serious.  I couldn't help but think that if we had been in NYC, we would have been snowed in and frozen in like all our friends.  Ugh.
 Going for a slide down the skating half pipe!  
 This was my first time going down to San Clemente.  It is really amazing there.  
 I LOVE this photo.  I think I'm motivated enough to print and frame this right now.

That little sand baby kills me.  I'm pretty determined to get her to the Caribbean.  Have I mentioned that before?

I came upstairs and found THIS!  SO disgusting. But, I guess Tilly and Tatum have made peace.  They are apparently friends now :) 
 And the very BEST part of Southern California in January?  THE ORANGES.  T has gotten on the bandwagon and definitely eats her share!

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Chelsea said...

Ahhhh! So jealous! I could use some warm sun and beaches right about now...