Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Savannah, GA

Like all our travels, we have early mornings!  But this day, an F train had derailed so the E line out to JFK was just not running.  We made some quick decisions and paid $7 more pp to take a direct train out from Penn station.  We got there fast and easy, just more money.  Always more money.
 The flight went great, we love that she loves Frozen.  T gets such a thrill from riding on a "big plane" and is fairly well behaved.  It's gotten a LOT easier to fly.
Once we arrived, we took a $1.50 local shuttle to downtown Savannah.  It was just a 20 minute ride and so cheap!  First we went to see General Sherman's house.  Scott said "I don't like what he stood for, but I do like his house!"
 Savannah is the epitome of quaint, cute, southern charm.  Being around all the friendly southerners really made us wonder why we live in a place with so many rude people.
 I mean, really.
 I was glad I brought my camera, though taking it along did DOUBLE our baggage. We just carried our trusty drawstring nike bag with diapers and sunscreen, ipad and goldfish.  Oh, and fruitsnacks.  Pretty simple!

 This Spanish moss was everywhere in town!
 We did the touristy thing and got the buffet at Paula Deen's flagship restaurant, Lady and Sons.  We really loved it.  The BEST fried chicken, amazing cheddar rolls and corn cakes, green beans, lima beans, mashed potatoes, ... it was all dripping in butter and so delicious. That meal was our breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day.
 And after that, we picked one of 22 squares in town to lay out while we watched T run and play.  She was really in heaven, she's an explorer that girl!

 The moss really looked fake, but it's not!
 The final square, so beautiful!  We saw probably 5 weddings going on throughout town-- everywhere you turn is the perfect venue!
 The photos from Lady and Sons (since I couldn't (Read: didn't try long enough to) get them to move up in the blog post..)
 The cheddar biscuit and corn pancake were AMAZING. Maybe the best part.
 Those mashed potatoes.  The fried chicken!  Sweet potatoes, are you kidding me?  Best green beans.  All of it, delish!

And the photo that made me glad I lugged my SLR around:
 A day relaxing and exploring with these two is always a good day.
I wish I were certain that we'd return to Savannah, because I loved it so much... but there are just so many amazing places on our list that I wonder if we'll make it back this summer.  I hope so!


Tara said...

You guys are so awesome for traveling so much. I've done research on Savannah but I've never been. I've always thought it would be a fun place to visit!

Heather said...

This looks like a perfect weekend getaway. I've always wanted to go to Savannah. I often dither on whether or not to bring the big camera. Glad you got that winner shot! And from a stranger?

Julie T said...

I loved that last photo a lot! And also the one of daddy and daughter stretched out on the park bench! You can't overrate that southern hospitality! I kept thinking it couldn't be as wonderful as people say- but it's better! And their fountains are so beautifully refreshing- really glad that you got to go! I hope you get to Charleston and that area before you leave. :)

Emily Holden said...

Such darling pictures! I am definitely putting Savannah on our Georgia Bucketlist! I'm always so amazed at all you guys squeeze in. What a fun get-a-way!

Elise said...

So much fun!! And happy belated birthday to the babe!!