Friday, September 12, 2014

Tribute in Light 2014

I was kind of disappointed in myself for missing the Tribute in Light last year.  So this year, I had it on my calendar, all set to go.  But then the day came.  And it was a big day full of events and activities and I was tired.  And so was T girl.  So I just put it out of my mind.  And then Scott called from class, encouraging me to get myself together and meet him at 8:50pm at school so we could head down together.  So I got myself together, called the Foss' last minute like I always do, and got ourselves downtown!  
Can't wait until their baby comes any day!  I wonder if they'll still be up to do crazy things with us?!
The plan was for Tatum to sleep the entire time.  Yeah, no way.  She thought this was the best activity ever.  A walk in Brooklyn with a concrete from "SHAKKE  SHACKKKK!" Best day ever.  
 I am more than thrilled about this new location for Shake Shack.  And it is the most spacious and has the best layout of all!
 Oh this girl.  I'm debating between whether we are mean parents for not letting the girl sleep when it's time to sleep, or awesome for giving her opportunity and exposure.  Let's go with the latter.
 Hauling the tripod was definitely worth it.


Amy Hindman said...

Those photos are AMAZING!!

Chelsea said...

Great pictures and good choice with the tripod and the outing! I was in NYC like a year and a half ago, and we were so close to the memorial and didn't go and I'm so bummed and wish I would've gone! So I'm glad you did this, because opportunities like this sometimes don't happen everyday. :) Btw, based on my observation of your social media, I'd say you guys aren't mean parents and that you're pretty cooooolio.

Julie T said...

These photos were spectacular and so worth all the hassle! I'm sure the Fosses were very grateful that you got them to go as well- these memories are forever! And I'm sure Tatum gets enough sleep by the end of the week I'm glad she gets these fun bonding opportunities with you!

Tara said...

Pretty sure you're awesome parents for giving her the exposure :) So cool that you guys were able to go!