Friday, August 29, 2014

A Day Trip to St. John

The ferries to St John leave Red Hook every hour on the hour.  We made the 9am boat, and got there about 9:20.  We took a walk around and talked with the National Park office down the way.  They recommended Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay and gave Scott some hike ideas.  I’m pretty happy we didn’t have to do a hike because carrying T + snorkel gear + beach bag + towel + nice camera = not such a great hike and more of a walking chore.  So anyway, we got in a cab and went straight for Trunk Bay ($4 entrance) which is part of the National Park. From a look at the map it seems 80% of the island is a national park!  Anyway, this beach is rated Top 10 in the world, and it’s not hard to see why! Just spectacular!  The only beaches that compare in my mind are in the beach in Western Samoa and Ko Hai on the coast of Thailand.   The gradation of the water was PERFECT and the gradual slope and zero waves and perfectly non-rocky sand was ideal for kids!

 Those colors are real!  Are you serious??!  This place is heaven! 

We brought summer sausage, baybel cheese and crackers, along with a few chips and apples, and were so glad we had food with us, because the thought of leaving the beach for food was not appealing!  We set up camp and stayed from about 9:30 until 5pm.  We all reapplied 65 Water Babies sunscreen every hour and a half and we came out okay!  I got like zero color (which is sad, but I didnt really feel like burning.) and T and Scott seemed red the day of, but it faded and never really gave them any pain, so I'd say our diligence in re-application paid off! 

 She would go all the way in past her chin all on her own- the water was warm but still refreshing and she was SO CONFIDENT in the water which we haven't really seen before.  I think because the gradation was so gradual she really felt in charge. 

 T promptly fell asleep on the ride back to town, and stayed asleep for our nicest dinner out!

 The sleeping little angel:
 Then she fell off the chairs to her rude awakening, and screamed for a good long while.
 Since she missed dinner, we bought her some Mac and cheese which was actually really delicious and made our baby a happy child once more. 

Big thanks to Christina for this cute romper from Bali-- T loves it and always talks (and tells others about) Beana when she wears it!

We were too tired to hot tub when we got back to the hotel.  We packed up our stuff and started route planning for the next morning.  The trip back to New York was our most dramatic return x3, and it deserves its own post.  You can look forward to the Pros and Cons of standby travel and learn how we eventually made it back this time on the next post!!


Julie T said...

All in all a fabulous trip! Stefanie, there is definitely a place for you in the writing world… You really have caught onto him how to write a great cliffhanger!

Chelsea said...

Thanks for sharing all these coolio things about your life and adventures! I'm glad you guys are such great adventurers.

kp said...

have you ever calculated how much you spend on sunscreen?! I'm sure it's the equivalent of staying at a Marriott every time

Tara said...

"The only beaches that compare in my mind are in the beach in Western Samoa and Ko Hai on the coast of Thailand. "
That made me laugh. Like, NBD or anything, that you've been all those places. Also, kudos on not getting any burns!

Sandra and Brent said...

Hi Stefanie, It was so fun to see your comment on my blog post. It had been so long since I'd done one that I'd almost forgotten how! This looks like it was an absolutely fantastic vacation spot. I would dare say that Tatum has done more adventuring than ANY other toddler that I personally know! Glad to see that you're still out there seeing the world! We are 13 months into a 23 month mission to the Scotland/Ireland mission, presently serving in Cork. We work with the YSAs in the Limerick District (Galway, Tralee, Waterford, Limerick and Cork) as well as working in the Cork branch, where we live. Elder Hale is in the branch presidency and I'm in the Relief Society presidency. It's been tough to be away from our kids but we can see how very needed that senior couples are in these struggling little branches. Thanks for visiting my blog. Lots of love, Sister Sandra Hale