Friday, December 5, 2014

Hathaway Thanksgiving Trip

We had a really great time with the Hathaways over Thanksgiving.  Thanks for coming, family!

 We hit all the classics.
 And tried a new place- Chinatown Ice Cream factory is as good as they say!
 Did a little window shopping

 Look- 56 degrees!  We had some super warm days, some pretty cold days.

 Baby bump on the Brooklyn Bridge:
We tried out a new Indian place in the West Village.  If Scott has anything to do with restaurant selection, we will always be eating ethnic, 70% of the time, Indian.  
 And for my birthday, the girls went to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!  I loved it!

 And I requested 26 high kicks in honor of my birthday :)
 Our fave bacon and scallop soup from the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market.
 And my own key lime cheesecake!
 Uncle John lets Tatum ride the fun way!

And... this was supposed to be a different post, but I accidentally uploaded all the photos here, so 2 in 1:
I feel way bigger this time around, but apparently I'm not that much...  Though, I did show wayyyy sooner and am definitely bigger now at 22 weeks!
 We took a trip up to the 215's to check out Columbia's C and boathouse for the rowing team.  This is BYUs version of Y mountain!
 My friend Elyse came in November and we had a fun time around the city!
 Tatum tried out a class at Kidville near Union Square, going to the younger class was a good move because she felt older/in charge of the other kids instead of threatened like usual.
 We took a hike with Brenda in early November-- always always a good time!
 Just pondering life.
 Scott was really encouraging of Tatum as a hiker.  I think he is realizing that girls will be his backpacking buddies for life :)
Great views!  But mostly just great to get OUT of the city and breathe a little fresh air!
 This is West Point College.
 And, dolls.  I did a flash sale for Christmas dolls and did a ton of sewing this month!  Now, I am sewing like a maniac trying to work 3 weeks ahead so I don't have to bring sewing gear with me to California for Christmas.  I have 1 week more to work, wish me luck! 

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Amy Hindman said...

NY looks like so much fun at Christmas! Love your little dollies and T's pjs turned out super cute!