Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

The feast:
I took the table settings pretty seriously:

And I tried 2 new pie recipes, which were delicious, except for when we tried to bake the pie and the turkey together, and the pie crust burnt to a crisp since it got bumped into the side of the oven.  Scott scraped off the blackened part and I think it worked out just fine.  And it was delicious!

We are really grateful we had family out here for Thanksgiving this year!  What fun!
Scott tried to teach me how to do the turkey, but I didn't pay attention in secret hopes that this will be his job forever :)
On Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, we went down to see the parade balloons getting inflated.  It was cold and raining, just like last year.
And after the meal, we had a little minute to win it competition!  I just came up with these games after the meal, so they were super easy and truly only have supplies that you probably have at home.

Stack can-plate-can and top with plastic dinosaur to signify that you are finished!  Lots of these activities didn't take a minute, so we just timed everyone, first place got 1 point, 5th place got 5 points, and the goal is to end up with the LEAST amount of points.  It was a good way to do it for an each man for himself minute to win it series.
The next game was lining up jenga blocks with only your non-dominant hand, then knocking them over.  When the last one falls your time stops.
Cotton ball transfers was our funniest game.  Once your time starts, put vaseline on your nose, and then transfer cotton balls from one plate to the next!  There is strategy in how much vaseline you apply!
I cut up the front of the stuffing box and had everyone complete the puzzle.  This was really hard, I should have cut them easier.  And the people to compete near the end had a total advantage after watching it be done a few times.
The feather toss- I taped some nails to weight the bottom of feathers, then had people throw them into a bowl about 3 feet away. (Tatum's was easier, needless to say!)  I used two different kinds of nails which weighted the feathers differently and made for a bit of a challenge.  

We ended the night with Home Alone 2- Lost in New York and had lots of laughs!  
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Julie T said...

What a beautiful table you set! I love all the gold and the fun pinecone place tags with the elegant caligraphy! Your pie didn't look compromised at all to me and the green beans wrapped in bacon inspired. Rick makes the best gravy and you should see him massage that bird- I think Scott has just won himself the title of "Birdman" in your household! It's a huge help when you're worrying about so many other things. How great that Tatum could participate in all the Minute to Win It games as well! They looked super fun-I've never played any of those variations!