Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hathaway Baby Bash!

Brenda and Cara are such good friends!  They seriously went ALLL out making this a baby shower to remember!  It must have taken hours and hours to plan and execute all the details that made this party such a hit!  First off, the "BABYBILL" --
They contacted both our moms, got a note from Scott, interviewed Tatum, collected messages from party guests beforehand and compiled this cute book (in full color!) as a memento of the day!  It is so so special!  I wish you could read every message, the book is just too sweet!  Cara did all the graphics and research- it must have taken -I don't even know how many- hours!  She has some serious Photoshop skills, the book is just so impressive!  There is a page...
She used this image from when T was born, and then added toddler T from an insta pic of when she was frosting sugar cookies, well done!
 She included advertisements and graphics from all over, including this gender reveal movie poster I made back in October:
 Cara made this invite for the shower- notice the statue is me, pregnant!  So creative!
 And headshots for all of us, just like a real Playbill!
The cast, and party attendees from the shower.  So thoughtful and cute!

I am just blown away by this book- and that was only half the pages!  

And then there is the photo booth:
We got most of the party-ers in this group photo.  Such sports to embrace all the fun and crazy! I am in awe of Brenda's costume box and all the props that made this so fun!
 Jessie and I are both due with our second, just 3 days apart!  We do preschool together every week, and our girls are good friends.

 The food table!  They got Baked By Melissa Cupcakes and Black and White cookies from Junior's to go with the New York theme, so great!  And the punch was delicious and so cute!  See all those goblets?  Those are the party favors and each was hand-glittered by Brenda for the event!  Each unique and really fun!

 Little Miss thought she'd died and gone to heaven!  I mean.... She was sneaking treats all afternoon and skipped her nap entirely!  Dress ups galore and attention from all her faves.
Time for the DEPENDS FASHION SHOW!  This shower was an incredible mix of Baby and New York City!  Here is everybody creating away!  Brenda brought so much decorating supplies it was unbelievable!  Gems, stickers, tulle, pom poms, ribbon... you name it, we had it!  We decorated for maybe 20 minutes before modeling the gear!
 I was the judge, otherwise I would post a photo of me modeling to give you the idea, but I chose Joanna because she is long enough and good enough a friend that she likely won't kill me for posting.  Everyone did a GREAT job embracing the red carpet and struttin' their stuff to the music.  Too funny!  There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place :)

 We also played a game where each person gets a baby item and then lists 10-20 creative uses for that item.  So a teething ring, for example, could be a halo, a bracelet, a bottle cooler when frozen... etc.  I was surprised with everyones creativity, there were some really funny ones!

Scott was such a champ helping set up, clean up, take photos and just help with the party in general.  I really married a good one!  As much as I want him to have a boy one day, he's awfully good with us girls!!
 And Brenda, the visionary:
 Like I said, the girl was just thrilled to be a part of things!  She and Brenda really agree on gems.  Gem anything and everything!

Thanks for a killer shower!  I felt so spoiled and really had a great time! This is a party I will never forget- going down in history for sure!


Tara said...

I am SO impressed! That looks like the baby shower of the century for sure!

Chelsea said...

SOOOOO great! Good documentations of a superb looking time!

Heather said...

This is jaw dropping! Want to read the whole playbill sometime. What great friends you have! Can't wait for little miss's grand entrance.

Chelsea said...

Wow! This is an amazing shower! So creative!