Sunday, March 29, 2015

Times are Tough.

When the baby measured approximately 8 lbs (give or take a pound) at 36 weeks, I really got my hopes up for an early induction.

Which really leaves me in a tough situation now that I'm 38 weeks, miserable, and looking at 2+ more weeks of pregnancy.  It is such a physical thing, and SUCH a mental thing.

Macrosomia = Big Baby.  I don't really want to rip to shreds and have a terribly long recovery in a city that demands my movement, and I don't want the complications for the baby of being terribly large (shoulder dystocia...) We are looking at a 9-11 lb baby if I deliver at 40 weeks.

My body just isn't progressing yet, so they don't want to induce (increased risk of c section) if I'm not ready.  And neither do I.  It just stinks.  I'm trying home remedies I never thought I'd try, and just trying to pass each day.  I need a new attitude.

Scott walked into the room today and asked what I was doing, and the only answer I could come up with was "Um, waiting for the baby to come out."  I need a life. I have spent some time tonight making plans for this coming week that will hopefully keep me busy and keep my mind off my problems.

I get comments about every 50 feet in my neighborhood when walking around:
"Any second now, eh?"
"HEY, Baby!"
"Good Luck"
"Awh, Mama!!"

Someone even told me "Once the baby does come out, you will recover nicely because of the slant of your hips."  He was a Chinese acupuncturist.  I asked him if he had any more comments, to make me feel good.

People in line at the store tell me "Your baby is low, I know when I see a low baby, and you are going to deliver very soon."  I just tell them how I hope they are right.

Why are the last weeks of pregnancy so desperate?!  I've made it this far, surely I can go 2 more weeks?  But, my body hurts and I don't sleep, so that does change things.  I'm SO exhausted during the day that I desperately need a nap, but then is that why I'm not sleeping at night?

And also, Tatum ate an extreme amount of fresh pineapple last Tuesday, and has literally been throwing up and having diarrhea ever since.  She initially had an allergic reaction, but that led to dehydration and then the need to "reset" her digestive system. I can't tell you how much laundry there has been.  And how stinky the bathroom has been between trips to the laundry room.  And the long nights.  T has been in a bad attitude, understandably, but still, and Scott is an all star helping both of us.  We are all just totally worn out. 

Times. Are. Tough.


Noelle said...

My favorite is that you asked the chinese acupuncturist if he had any other comments to make you feel good. lol. You're gonna make it! Good luck these next few days. Here's hoping for no c-section, but really, c-sections aren't that bad ;)

kp said...

In your desperation just don't resort to castor oil. No good can come from that! I'll cross my fingers for baby news this week.

NatalieD said...

You will be in my prayers!!! You can do this even though it seems like you can't. I see a "low" baby as a very positive sign. Hugs to you across the miles.

Kali and JT said...

same. I feel like this baby will never be born and If I hear the baby is low one more time... HELLO I know the baby is low I can't sit or walk without my legs bumping into it thanks!!!

Chelsea said...

The Asian advice is my favorite. I was at the grocery store looking at a fresh coconut and an old Asian lady next to me said, "When I was pregnant I drank fresh coconut water every single day for a month before I gave birth and when the baby came out it was squeaky clean. Not a drop of gunk on him anywhere."
I just stood there like, "Thank you random stranger. I will keep that in mind..."

Claire said...

Praying for you!! Going bowling worked to get Ava here, haha!

Tara said...

oooh gosh. That's IS rough! Right before I had Kayden I was hurting (he was over 9 lbs) and I had an awful cold that made it so I didn't' sleep on TOP of not sleeping, and it was just…miserable. but, benadryl! blessed benadryl! maybe you're a purist though. I figured, the baby is basically done now, what will it hurt? haha :)

I have no good advice about how to get the baby out though…I've been induced twice. Hopefully things will start kicking into gear soon! It WILL happen!