Friday, November 13, 2015

7 Things For My Hospital Nightstand

1.  First and foremost:  Some cheery flowers.  These tulips made me feel so happy and brought color and life into my space!  Thanks Joanna!

2.  A water bottle with a pop top lid / A water bottle you love!  

3.  A burp cloth.  Or Five.  Babies this new don't really need much, but I liked having several burp cloths around for her. And for me.

4.  Chapstick.  Burts Bees.  Life Saver. It's pretty much only useful at the hospital though, because once arriving home, your toddler will surely kife it away and insist on twisting it up and down 100x before losing it... 

5.  Deodorant.  There are lots of scents going on, so keeping deodorant handy is a good idea.

6.  Lotion. Not a necessity, but nice.

7.  Lanolin nipple cream.


Julie T said...

I totally agree about the flowers - tall and upright and bright!!! And the water bottle that you can squirt into your mouth and not spill or dribble everywhere: a total necessity! The only thing I would include there is something for mommy to suck on and maybe a small picture of baby's siblings to tape onto the vase as evidence that they are right there and important too- always in sight-always in mind! How about one of those cool, new room deodorizers that one little spray lasts for hours and smells soooooo good!

Stef, what do you eat to grow your hair so fast?! More great pictures!

Noelle said...

That was so nice of whoever brought the flowers! I loved having my own shampoo at the hospital.

Noelle said...

Ha, I just read this again and agree with everything you said. I haven't needed the burp clothes yet, but the flowers, deodorant, the pop top water bottle and good chapstick are all super valuable! And yes, the toddlers take over the "chopstick" once it arrives home. I miss burts bees.