Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Tatum went trick or treating with her almost 5 year old, and almost 3 year old friends.  She followed "Ariel's" lead going to every door and saying trick or treat and thank you to each person.  I would say only about 40% of people know Annie, but the people who do know that show LOVED her costume and often flattered her asking for her picture.  

It has been so sweet watching her with her Halloween candy.  She finally has something to offer us, so it's really sweet to see her excited to share something we actually want at tell us "YOU'RE WELCOME" with so much pride!

The week of Halloween, Tatum told the grocery store checker woman "nice lips" complimenting her red lipstick.  She replied, "Well thank you, thats nice of you to say!"  And then Tatum says, "That's because I have a big heart."

Two days later we are checking out again, and the woman asks Tate what she is going to be for Halloween.  Having pulled out her ponytail and looking a little rough, she says, "I'm just going to be a little orphan..."  I had to intervene and tell her that Tatum is dressing as Annie!!!

Chloe is getting her own look and becoming more of her own person everyday.  She crawls down the hall to the back bathroom, or through the kitchen to the garage door in about 12 seconds if I look away.  She is loving food these days and keeps surprising me with how much she eats.

My car got broken into at Target today.  Nothing was stolen (miracle!!) but my drivers door was left open, and everything from the center console and glove box was strewn about the car, including a GPS and an old iphone we keep shows on for Tatum.  I wonder if someone was coming and scared the intruder away, or if they really just didn't find anything they wanted... I was parked just 4 stalls in from the Target entrance in a big, good shopping center. So random and scary!  Feeling really thankful nothing was taken!

Scott is working for VMware, its a business to business cloud and virtualization software company in Palo Alto. From my understanding, he is redesigning their global on boarding training program, which is in line with his education and interests.  We are so grateful for this job and excited for Scott to be getting into his career!

The weather stays right around 75 degrees during the day, cooling off at night and in the mornings.  We've been working in the front and backyard like dogs, digging up the clay-like ground and giving it a little design and livability.  It's been a lot of work, and we regret not renting a rototiller, but we are glad with how it is turning out and look forward to the grass getting full and healthy so we can take down the stakes and start walking and playing on it!  I'll have to do another post just on the yard drama.

We are looking forward to spending the holidays with family, we will see how that works out with the work schedule and flights and such.  All is well in the Hathaway house.


Chelsea said...

Great update. I'm glad your life is good and real and that you share stuff about it. :) And Tatum... what a hoot! I wish I could hang out with her! And with you too of course.

Shawna said...

Halloween sounds really fun at your place. Your hard work on the yard will pay off soon. Glad to hear of Scott's job and hope he is enjoying it. I love you and love reading about your family. Love, Shawna