Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Chloe Monthly: 2 Months

At two months Chloe is:

-Smiling, only at people she likes ;)

-Holding onto her own paci

-Still sleeping most of the day away.  We tried keeping her up in the late afternoon in hopes of getting a longer stretch at night... bad move.  Sleep begets sleep.  "It's not logical, but it is biological." - My favorite book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby.

-Much taller/longer than Tatum was.  The same dress Tatum wore at 3 months fits like a shirt on Chloe at 2 months!  She has been in 3 month clothes for a good two weeks now.  

-Still in size 1 Pampers Swaddlers.  She's had zero blow outs.  I'd say we'll give her the "good baby" accolade.

-A world traveler!  We thought getting Tatum to Costa Rica at 9 months was great, but Chloe totally got the early start going to Baja Mexico at 7 weeks old! She was the best traveller among us-- she just sat in her car seat quietly, no complaining, whining or chattering.  After the 7 hour drive she mostly hung out in the shade, and we didn't even have to give her a turn on the quads! (P.S.  I know at least Kristen is wondering, No, she didn't need a passport.  Children under 16 can use a certified birth certificate to re-enter the US when travelling only by land.)

-Thinking about rolling over.  Hasn't done it yet, but there have been two instances this week when I thought she may. 
-Cries at night between 7-8pm.  I'm pretty sure she is overtired (How can that be after sleeping alll day?!) but once she is swaddled tight and hears the sound machine, she usually calms down within about 20 minutes.  Wakes at around 1:30 and 5am to eat. 

Chloe and Tatum are different babies.  Let's just say that Tatum is our spirited child.  She was as an infant and definitely is as a three year old.  We love our Tate girl, but Chloe baby is sure a calm dream boat :)

The transition to two is going great.  I'm already in kid mode, so throwing an extra diaper into my purse on the way out the door isn't too hard to remember.  My life hasn't totally flipped upside down with the new addition, just with the cross country move/house hunt/job hunt/car hunt ;)  Sort of kidding. 


Tara said...

I'm SO glad the transition has gone well! I don't envy your job/house/car/everything else hunt. It sounds strangely familiar…we did that immediately after having #2 too. well, we did have a car…

kp said...

You know me too well. I was wondering. I hope in another 3 weeks c is sleeping that well. Am I cursed with poor sleepers? But he eats well so I'll keep him