Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tatum Funnies- 3 Years

As I'm trying to brush and do Tatum's hair the other morning, she shouts, "Don't touch my hair! Don't you know it's golden?!?"  

Washing hair in the tub is also a super huge battle.  Tonight, I got smarter.  I decided that she should be the one begging me to wash her hair for her, instead of the other way around.  I told her a story:

Once upon a time, there was a princess with golden hair, but when she played at the park, went to the beach and lived her life, it turned brown because she never washed it.  So, one day, the princess begged her mom to wash her hair for her.  The mom said, "okay, fine, if that's what you really want..." and did it for her.  After the wash, her hair turned a "teeny tiny teeny bit more golden, but not much!"  So the next day, the little princess begged her mom to wash her hair again.  Every time her hair was washed it got more and more golden until her hair was back to beautiful gold!  

And guess what?!  She got her hair washed without tears for the first time in my memory, and after blowing it dry, asked if we could wash it again right away!  Mom win, for sure!

I decided to take Tatum on a special date to Target to find a Sunday dress.  I really talked it up, how this was such a special time with just us.  But as we walked out to the car she protested, "But MOM, Where is Chloe?!  Why isn't baby Chloe coming with us?!" I reminded her of our special date, but it didn't take.  The entire ride to target and the whole time there she'd say, "I sure wish baby Chloe were  with us."  and "Wow, this is fun, but it would be better if Chloe came."  "Mom, I miss my baby!  I'm the big sister you know..."  In the end, we didn't find a dress for T, and she spent the whole time complaining that Chloe couldn't come, so I'd say it was a bust.

About an hour after we put Tatum to bed the other night, she called from her room so desperately and in a fully awake voice, "MOM!  I NEED YOU, COME FOR ME!  MOM!!"  I was nursing Chloe, sp Scott went in and ended up escorting her to the bathroom... The following morning when I went in to get Tatum up she said, "Remember when I was calling for you last year (super confused about the passage of time)?  You didn't come for me.  That was too bad.  But Daddy came and took me potty, that was sure nice of him."  

Me:  "Tatum, will you please come help me feed the bunny rabbit?"
Tatum:  "You got it girlfriend!"

People warn you about the terrible twos, and she hasn't totally outgrown that phase yet, but boy is 3 a fun age!  She thinks and speaks for herself! 


Jessica Holly said...

oh my gosh the washing the hair story is hilarious!! I'm going to have to try that with Clara- it's usually a battle for us too!

Julie T said...

These are so funny! I'm glad youre adopting the habit of posting (recording) them for you and for us! That hair story was so inspired-fives! But let me just tell you- in the end- you can never win! (as with the special date to buy a new dress) So instead, I just advise, try to be happy! It's wonderful that Tatum doesn't seem to feel the need to ditch Chloe and grab all the personal attention she can, right?

kp said...

I resorted to putting m's swim goggles on while hair washing. Worked

Marianne & Eddie said...

She's so cute and funny. Loved this post!! And you're a genius with the golden hair story. Can't wait to use that down the road ;)