Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fake Insta - February

I feel that I've been over gramming lately.  It's because I have such good memories/happy life that I want to share my good times.  So instead of over gramming, here's a photo dump with captions.  Enjoy!

Chloe grew out of her sleep sack, but it is her cue that it's time to sleep.  I couldn't really find any extraaaa long sleeps sacks to buy and I don't particularly love shopping, so I made one!  This was a great use for a KAM snap at the top-- I feel like I can make anything now that I have a KAM snap kit!
 Our friends Brandi and Andrew are a really good time.  She cuts Scott's hair regularly and they sometimes sit with us and help with the kids at church.  But she's due with her own baby this week, so our game nights may be ending...
 I felt like a great mom for waking up, having nothing to do, and hauling the kids to the beach.  It's about an hour away.  Chloe ate a bunch of sand, and Tatum build "sand cakes" and all sorts of other restaurant quality meals to serve me ;)  We were home by 3, and I magically still got a nap out of both girls!
I still have to sort of convince T to go to dance each week.  She LOVES the dancing part, and dressing for it, but doesn't love that there are no moms allowed.  She has lots of friends but wishes I were at least sitting in the back so she could turn around and give me a thumbs up every few minutes!  The class is half tap, half ballet, and there is a recital for which I paid way too much money for a costume.  It better be cute!
 This February.  Man!  We have it really really good.  It feels especially rewarding when I see NYC's weather and know that I am not pushing my stroller uphill through slush in negative degrees.  We took a risk moving out here, and boy is it paying off!
That little Chloe.  She is playing more and more and as long as T is in a good mood then they get along great!  T entertains her at the table, she loves turning Chloe into a "Chloe pizza" and eating her up, or rolling her across the room, which C does actually love.  Generally, Tatum wants any toy Chloe has, and is frequently going in her room for some "personal time" and slamming the door so Chloe knows she isn't invited.  Chloe just stands at the door outside, slapping her hands against the door and lighting up as soon as T opens it just to check if she's still taunting her, before slamming it shut again.  Im just praying for Chloe's little fingers the entire time...
 Hand foot and mouth hit our house.  NOT FUN.  This picture I uploaded was on the healing day... it was a lot worse than this a few days prior.  Open sores all outside her mouth, inside her mouth, arms, hands, feet, and diaper area.  And 103 fever with it. Luckily my mom came to save the day and helped take care of the kids and disinfect the house!
 Miss Chlo's valentine!  She is such my little love.
 I'm convinced it doesn't get better than our backyard.  We have worked really hard to turn it into a great living space and after 6 months, it is finally somewhere we constantly go to enjoy. 

 Love this shot. So Chloe:

Stay tuned for the January photos!


Julie T said...

Great idea to cover it this way! Beautiful job on the sleep sac and that is such a great color on Chloe! There's no reason you need to forego your game nights with Brandi and Andrew if their baby is cooperative...baby sleeps anyway so if they're up to it, they just bring him/her along :) Those bright houses on the beach make me think of Italy! You are wonderful to make the trek- sand+sun+water = healthy minds and bodies for all of you and wears them out so well! Your hard work sure paid off on that grass! I've never seen a greener blade than that- and it's so soft!

Chelsea said...

Great photos and documentation of life! Those valentines, so cute.