Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fake insta January 2016

Bubble time!  Tatum got a severe reaction to something (bubbles, maybe?) that made her scream and cry in terror for 1-2 hours before and while she peed.  It was horrific.  Shrill constant screaming, zero sleep, writhing, kicking, gnashing of teeth... you get the idea. After a full day, I took her to the ER where getting a clean catch of urine was nearly impossible.  Catching 2 tablespoons of urine that night is my greatest mom accomplishment to date.  It was an absolute nightmare. Turns out is wasn't a UTI, just an irritation, so we still don't know what caused it.  But no more bubble baths until the end of time-- I can't afford to take chances.  She got a medication that numbed her urine so it wasn't "spiky" on its way out, but it took about the same amount of convincing and tears to get her to take it as it was to have the urine come out burning.  And the medication dyes everything it touches yellow, so parts of the car seat (where I strapped her in to force it down) the kitchen chair, our clothes and her hair are still dyed.  A month later.  Anyway, glad that drama is over, it was a REAL ringer!!
We went to the Monterey aquarium for our anniversary/just for fun.  We call it our family birthday and Tatum LOVES it!  I was entranced by the jellyfish, I'd like to have some as a pet.
This is the one million gallon tank-- its pretty impressive!  So. Many. Fish.
January was the coldest month (I can say that now that its Feb and consistently 75 and sunny.  Monterey is really beautiful, we can't wait to take our bikes down for a ride along the coast!  It's about an hour and twenty minutes from us.
Our SUNBEAM! She is in class with all her friends and likes her teacher.  Rumor has it that her first Sunday in primary they asked for a volunteer for a prayer and Tatum shot her hand up (she loooves to pray) but then when they called her up and she realized the magnitude of this ordeal, she went silent and nervously pointed at the girl next to her to cover for her!

Heart attacks for our sick friends!  T loved being sooooo sneaky!  
We have a punch pass at a gym for 1 hour of free time.  The tramp to foam pit is the big hit, but she also loved getting inside a circular mat and having me roll her around the open gym.  
We were the only people in Santa Cruz!  54 degrees and nobody touches the beach!  We had great parking and a fun time running, digging and playing hopscotch!
Our friend Brenda visited from NYC, and we took her to the Redwoods at Big Basin.  The drive up was super windy and we had to take a few breaks, but once there it was awesome!
I've perfected my lava cake recipe.  It's pioneer woman-- follow the directions exactly.  Best served with berries and Costco's vanilla ice cream!
We went to dim sum with Brenda in SF.  Scott's been trying to get us there for ages, so it was finally good to experience it!  We found some great dishes!
My little bear :)
We got bikes! Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas gift!  We are so excited to be able to ride as a family and always have Tatum keep up! It's a great system and we have plans to ride in Monterey and across the bridge!
Chloe and Olive with their big sisters do preschool!
We took a trip out to sacramento to see BeeGee and Ken and Kathy!  Always a good time.
The Jones' pool is closed for the winter, but Tatum still went fishing!

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Julie T said...

I have a great idea! How 'bout if you make us your lava cakes when we visit in May?
That would be so sweet! Those bubbles can be poison- one of you girls had a similar reaction at this age so I swore off for a long time. Be careful of scented liquid soaps on the face too- I nearly had to go to the hospital in England when my eyes swelled shut!
Knowledge is power- or as they say, forewarned is forearmed!